Question by ♥Cristina♥: Okay, what should I bring to the fest for dogs? Im bringing my Doberman, I wanna make a “Dipar bag” for him.
And I dont know what to put in it. what should I bring? He is very hyper, hes only a year and 1/2 .
Im bringing a leash& collar, also his choke chain bc of the other dogs, it will be easier for me to handle him. But what else should I bring? I know water and treats, but what else?
We live in florida and its going to be held at our extremly large flea market, And it gets pretty hott, and I want to make sure were BOTH comfortable. This is the web site for it.

And what should I bring and put water in? I want to make a back pack. So please. Give me ANY IDEA!!! For me AND him. Also, Ask me questions if you need more. I’ll check in every few minutes and edit.

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Answer by Annie
bring hand sanitizer, you will probably eat and flea markets are dirty. also bring a bowl and two or three water bottles for you and your pup to share.

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