Question by Due Oct./10: Can you help me get over caring about my friend and her ‘illnesses’?
It drives me crazy sometimes!…I have known her for 10 yrs…

she has diagnosed herself as having a mild heart attack( turned out it was heartburn) But the heartburn was from her throwing up so much with her 1st pregnancy 12 yrs earlier!! yet in those 12 yrs she had never had heartburn..weird!! she said that the acid from throwing up from morning sickness burned thru her esophagus….

she has diagnosed herself as having MS because she experienced tremendous pain in her legs one night driving home from work( I told her gee, that wouldn’t have anything to do with you being 60lbs overweight and standing on your feet all day)

she has diagnosed herself as having problems with her kidneys because after she drinks a coffee in the morn. she has to pee 3 or 4 times after.

she has diagnosed her daughter as having colon problems because she gets constipated really easy( her daughter eats bagels w/ cream cheese, grill cheeses, hot dogs and french fries almost everyday)

she has diagnosed herself and her youngest daughter as having diabetes because they have been sooo thirsty.

Her daughter is now showing signs of ‘look at me look at me’ I have bi polar because my Dad does…she is 15, overweight, shy, is bullied at school (in my opinion she is a typical lazy teen who cries over boys, hates school. etc.) I know my daughter(age 15) is the same but I am not rushing her out to specialists at the first sign of something.

and I am probably missing MANY more “illnesses” she has had.

Why am I letting it get to me?? Should I even care? I just get tired of hearing about it….her husband is on a disability for depression, her oldest daughter is on a disabilty for being mentally challenged…which she admitted to me she over blew her daughters sypmtoms so she would get her daughter accepted.
So if she brings about a ‘sickness’, just change the subject and talk about something positive??

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Answer by Felepe
well since my mom is the same way. example, she refuses to have any deodorant in the house because she has alergies. everysone stinks. also, my sister is bipolar and once tried to kill me. the point is, i think i can be classified as an expert on dealing with these people. treat her as if she isn’t sick. she will be better off that way. so will her daughter.

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