Avian flu is in the news, but dogs also have a new flu virus and it is spreading. If your dog is coughing and sneezing you don’t want to shrug it off as “just” kennel cough. Canine Influenza was first seen a little over a year ago and is spreading across the country and it has already killed dogs in several states. The chances of your dog getting Canine Influenza are remote, but an ounce of prevention is worth many dollars in vet bills.
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Canine Construction Dog Training is a Napa, California based company dedicated to helping people in the area enjoy the joy and freedom of being off leash with their dogs. Here trainer Gwen Davidson enjoys a day at Bodega Bay, California with her daughter Rachel and her three canine partners, Bruno, Candence and Journey. Gwen Davidson Canine Construction Company Professional Dog Training www.canineconstruction.com

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