Question by hp…the wetter the better: “Nightmare on Elm Street”…..Will you stop and be a witness?
daybreak was sneaking through the darkness
hungry dog barking, neglected shocks sounded
“SH*T”,he whispered
as he slammed the Mark IV into her head
smoking her 5th, she wasn’t awakened

his face never spoke much
his hand hidden to all
she knew better
stares shot, boring through him
willing to bet it all, they were
she looked across, smiled and demanded
“Deal, you bastard”

steel balls he wore
she knew exactly how hard
having played them for years now

boxing his way out of another night on the town
he stumbled, caught his breath and
never had a chance

she threw her cards down, “Royal Flush, you bastard”

uppercut and down for the count
he fell from the mattress
landing in her lair, he assumed the position
fetal and familiar
motionless and compliant
she flipped his hand

Aces and Eights…the hand of a dead man

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Answer by Anastasia Cullen
Hehe :0 very funny!!

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