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Question by DOGFOOD: Would you let a total stranger watch your beautiful “rescued” dog while you went into a building for 10 to 15?
….Not MY doggie! This woman let me watch HER dog tonight….When she came back out, I told her she`s lucky that I didn`t run~off with her pooch….

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Answer by WhatAmI?
I leave my dog at home when I go places, so that issue has never come up. He has a nice fenced 4.5 acre yard to hang out in when I’m gone.

I’d never ask a stranger to watch my dog!

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8 Solid Reasons Cage Or Crate Training Are Natural Dog Training Aids

8 Solid Reasons Cage Or Crate Training Are Natural Dog Training Aids

Dog training aids are the first step to creating a wonderful companion.

For the newer owner the most often recommended dog training aids are infact dog cages and or dog crates.

Assuming you have done your research and have decided on the breed of dog that most fits your needs and maybe personality and more importantly your lifestyle. The most important thing you can do before you bring that fuzzy little puppy home is to purchase his home within your home.

Your dogs crate or cage is not just simply a home for him. The dog cage is the number one dog training aid to help you house train your new pet. Some new dog owners often believe providing their dog with his own cage is cruel. The simple fact is. It is not cruel to cage train your dog or puppy. It is actually the very best first step you can make for your new arrival.

The dog cage is a great dog training aid and tool for several reasons. It is in a dogs nature to enjoy the safety of his den. The cage is a great opportunity to provide a place that for him duplicates a little bit of the wild and appeals to his nature.

Cage and crate training are valuable dog training aids because.

1. By cage or crate training your dog you offer him his own space.

2. With your help his cage or crate is a place where your dog will learn he is safe and secure.

3. Just like humans dogs by nature do not want to mess where they live and sleep. Given a chance your dog will want to be away form his home and outside to do his business.

4. The dog cage left open when you are present will give your dog a place to rest or simply be out from underfoot. It is comforting for him to come and go as he needs or wishes. He is able to stretch out take a nap yet still feel he is a part of the family.

5. When properly used as a dog training aid his cage or crate will lend itself beautifully to house training your pet.

6. Cage or crate training will help keep your pet out of trouble by curtailing his ability to get into things when you are out of the home.

7. When leaving home becomes necessary cage training will help you feel comfortable doing so. No more garbage problems, Shoes are not chewed up. Carpets are not soiled or ruined. The furniture is not soiled or damaged. You will never fear returning home because you are cage training your pet. It is the correct thing to do.

8. The cage or crate is the most important single thing you can use to get you both through the house training stage gracefully.

It is absolutely important to understand cage training is not a punishment device. Dog crates and cages are dog training aids for the animal. Just as an obedience training course is a dog training aid for you.

It is up to you to learn the proper use of all dog training aids and cage training is no different.

There are many different dog training aids at your disposal. The dog cage and cage training your dog is one that will help make owning your dog a stress free and completely enjoyable experience for you both.

Ryleigh Cantrell knows dog training aids and tools exist for a reason. They work, they keep dogs out of trouble. they keep owners from property loss and the loss of temper. There is quite appropriately a Step One for new dog owners

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