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Billy talks about gray pubic hair, what strange things his parents said to him and of course the “Dog Bag” From 1985

DS:How dogs evolved.- “And man created dog”?

Question by owned by APBTs *nissa*: DS:How dogs evolved.- “And man created dog”?
Sunday August 9th on the National Geographic Channel they will being airing a special called “and man created dog” Its about how dogs went from wild wolfs to domesticated pets, and how they evolved into different breeds..(selective breeding).

I’ve seen a few questions on here asking about the history of the dog…and i thought this would be pretty interesting to watch. 🙂

LEGIT: What made you choose your breed of dog?
@Clumsical of the !MC! Squad- I like your point of view… You don’t deserve any TD. Just because a person has a differnt out look on things dont mean they gave a bad answer. 🙂
@M. Sorry lol. Its sunday the 8th. Thanks for catching that!! 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Horse Lover
I choose her because we wanted another dog(ours had to be put to sleep due to old age) and she needed a home.

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Now he makes blogs.
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1 minute funny documentaries about the wild lives of 2 small Yorkies (Yorkshire Terriers). Capturing the wild lives of 2 small dogs! Our cracked documentary crew humorously probes deep into the most pressing issues of our four legged friends. The results are SHOCKING!!! These are one minute video episodes that will put a smile on your face while your realize how complicated a dogs life really is.
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Toby’s Dog Wheelchair

Toby was hit by a car. He can’t walk on four feet–just two. The mostly paralized back legs are held up by a… homemade device designed and built just for Toby. He’s always enthusiastic to see me. The only dogs happier than Toby are puppies. And he LOVES the cookies he knows are hidden in one of my pockets. Toby has a small throbbing red tube – but you can’t see it in this video! Photo & Video contests:
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Nancy from shows, step by step, horw to measure a dog for the adjustable Walkin’ Wheels Dog Cart. Watch this amazing amputee dog as he adjusts to the new way of walking.
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Take Advantage Of Dog Training Supplies To Teach Your Dog Well

Take Advantage Of Dog Training Supplies To Teach Your Dog Well

A dog is known to be the best friend of man. They are wonderful animals who are very loyal, making them one of the most common pets in many homes today. Training dogs can be a complicated task. However, there are so many dog training supplies available today that help in making life easier for us. Local pet shops usually have some dog training supplies that you can take advantage of. But if you want to train your dog for specific purposes, you will only find these dog training supplies in particular stores.

One of the most common dog training supplies is the clicker. Clicker training is highly effective. The trainer clicks the clicker whenever the dog does an action that is desired by the trainer. The dog associates the click with something good enabling the trainer to effectively train the dog. The dog clicker must be used regularly when training the dog. Once the dog has learned to associate the click with the command you can stop using the clicker as the dog will recognize the command.

If you are unsure about how to train your dog there are many dog training videos available. These dog training supplies enable you to learn how to train your dog properly. Many books and videos have demonstrations and tips on how to effectively train your dog. These books are written by experts and offer sound advice on what to do and what not to do. Part of training your dog is how you train your dog and you need to be effective at teaching your dog commands.

Other dog training supplies that you can find at your local pet store are dog leashes and collars. There are many different types of leashes and collars. You need to get one that suits your dog. Some dogs will require thick strong collars. An example of this would be a husky. These dogs are strong and they will need collars that will not break easily. Some items that you will not find at your local pet store will be things that trainers use to train dogs for specific purposes. An example of this would be if you want to train your dog to be agile. Things like weave poles, hoops, agility tunnels and sandbags are only available at specific retailers that specialize in dog training supplies. However, for most of your needs your local pet store will suffice.

Tired of coming home to that mess on the floor? Want to learn more solid proof ways about Dog Training Supplies so that your dog stops eliminating indoors? Visit Information Of Dog Training to find out how you too can train your dog to be the pet you want him to be.


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Dog Health Problems Symptoms – What You Feed Your Pet Can Really Determine Your Dog’s Health

Dog Health Problems Symptoms – What You Feed Your Pet Can Really Determine Your Dog’s Health

Hello, my name is Mike, and I wanted to do my article a little differently than what you may be normally seeing.

First, I’m going to ask you a question. Do you have a dog that you love as if they were your own, and would do anything for them? If the answer is yes, then it is my pleasure to be writing this article just for you.

If you’re just like me, someone who’s life just wouldn’t be whole without the love and affection of a furry friend, you want to keep them happy, healthy, and around for a long long time. Sadly however, some of our beloved dogs don’t get much of a chance at life. They get flat out cheated.

Your dog needs 5 things for a happy, healthy life. They are:

1) Love
2) Shelter
3) Exercise
4) Water
The 5th, and MOST IMPORTANT thing, is food.

Right now I bet you’re thinking, “So what? I make sure to feed my dog every day.” (Believe me, my dog Bernie does NOT let me forget). The statement isn’t referring to if you feed your dog, which I really do appreciate, as I absolutely can’t stand a hungry dog in my presence, it’s so sad.

The statement refers to WHAT you feed your dog. Again, you may be saying to yourself, “So What about it? I feed my dog…dog food. What’s wrong with that?”

What’s wrong with that? EVERYTHING!

Did you know that your dog could be a cannibal? Or that the commercial dog food that you’re feeding your best friend could be slowly poisioning him? That the *actual* lifespan of your dog, under optimal conditions, is supposed to be TWENTY SEVEN YEARS?

How about things that can explain many of your dog’s health problems symptoms, such as:

Excessive Dog Panting


Dog Throwing Up


Other Dog Health Problems Symptoms

Think I’m nuts? Don’t take my word for it, view this free report on dog health problems symptoms, unless you don’t want to:

Save Thousands of Dollars In Vet Bills.

Keep Your BEST FRIEND fit and healthy for a much longer time than the criminally and measly 11 year average life expectancy for a dog in the US.

Get peace of mind about speaking up for your dog about this grave injustice. They can’t speak for themselves, so please, do it for them.

Thank you for spending your time with me today in reading my article. I hope the time you used was well spent. If you haven’t done so yet, please check out Dog Food Secrets. There will be an 8 minute video displayed that will change your life.

Mike Helpingstine is a proud supporting member of the Basset Hound Rescue Society and a full throttle supporter of Dog Food Secrets, an informational video and book relating to the superior health your dog could be experiencing.

Funny dog pics

a whole bunch of really funny dog pictures…
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