Question by owned by APBTs *nissa*: DS:How dogs evolved.- “And man created dog”?
Sunday August 9th on the National Geographic Channel they will being airing a special called “and man created dog” Its about how dogs went from wild wolfs to domesticated pets, and how they evolved into different breeds..(selective breeding).

I’ve seen a few questions on here asking about the history of the dog…and i thought this would be pretty interesting to watch. 🙂

LEGIT: What made you choose your breed of dog?
@Clumsical of the !MC! Squad- I like your point of view… You don’t deserve any TD. Just because a person has a differnt out look on things dont mean they gave a bad answer. 🙂
@M. Sorry lol. Its sunday the 8th. Thanks for catching that!! 🙂

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Answer by Horse Lover
I choose her because we wanted another dog(ours had to be put to sleep due to old age) and she needed a home.

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