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Question by Madison 3:16 Anderson Rhodes: What are the “bakery treats” for dogs made out of? Are they good for the dogs?
My puppy is gunna be turning 1 this week. I really wanna do something for it. I Love that dog sooo much and when I was in the petstore I saw “birthday treats/cakes” in a “bakery” section. IS IT GOOD? I’ll pick her up a couple of toys (shes in need of more) and maybe a little cake. What do you think? Sounds good? =)

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Answer by Brian F
Well most treats are made of the same stuff we have. Ever notice how much your dog loves to eat anything you do. Just never feed them chocolate or caffeine. Dog treats use cairn, a chocolate substitute that is safe for them to eat. BTW always pamper your pet. They lower blood pressure, lessen homesickness, and make you happy.

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