Aggression Problems With Rescue Dogs

When you adopt a rescue dog it is often some time later that you discover the dog has behaviour problems related to it’s previous ownership. I will give you two examples in this article.

Scenario one, is where a young dog has been adopted and the owner soon notices she barks, growls and shies away from men. Not just once, but every time she sees a male. She might be well behaved toward the male owner in the family situation, but not toward men outside of that circle.

When she starts to show these signs again toward men, just try saying a firm no, and you will notice the difference it makes in stopping her from repeating it.

The other scenario is where you discover for the first time that your rescue dog does not like children. What might appear at first sight to be aggression in terms of behaviour, might just be fear of the dog. This behaviour can be barking or growling, or simply running away to hide somewhere.

This is probably brought on by some negative occurrence in the past which the dog remembers, like being hurt or frightened by children.

What you need to avoid at all cost is the risk of the dog biting anyone, so correction really is a priority, if the dog is to be around children all the time.

Positive rewards for showing the correct behaviour would be the way to go about changing this behaviour. It would also be a good idea to teach the kids how best to treat a dog, then they will not be making the same mistakes of teasing or aggravating her.

John is a dog lover and is interested in all aspects of their welfare.

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