Question by Bridget: What is the ending of Tymber Dalton’s book, “Three Dog Night (Triple Trouble 3)”?
Also, what happens in the book, specifically?
But does Elain stay with Aindreas, Brodey, and Cailean? Like there is no cheating or anything like that?

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Answer by Lesli R
Ah, don’t want to give you a spoiler. *LOL* I’m working on book 4, but before that, two more books will come out.

“Boiling Point” (Tasty Treats, Vol. 3), which is already out, introduces readers to the Alexandr brothers, twin dragon shape-shifters.

The sequel to that, “Steam,” comes out on Jan. 29th at Siren, and it is also a prequel to “Trouble Comes in Threes.” It features Brodey Lyall and ties in to something that happens in book three, gives you the view of the origins of it.

The next book will feature the dragons and Lyall wolves and be a bridge between “Steam” and “Trouble Comes in Threes.” From Triple Trouble 4 on, the dragons and wolves work together to defeat a common enemy.

You can get “Three Dog Night” (Triple Trouble 3) in e-book form from my publisher, Siren-BookStrand.


Lesli. (aka Tymber Dalton)

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