Question by Emily: What would you say is the best dog food, and why?
I’ve read so many articles about why this dog food is bad, or why this one is AWESOME for your dog.
Now, those, of course, were all biased articles from the company, or a vet endorsed by those labels.
I need to know from an unbiased source what IS the best brand to feed my beloved.
They have no special needs, I have no problem getting “boutique brands” in my area (Los Angeles, CA).
All I need to know is:
– Why you chose this brand. BE HONEST. You can even say it’s because its cheap! 😛
– What are the pros about this brand.
– What are the CONS about this brand. Once again, PLEASE be honest!
– What is IN this dog food.
– Where did you hear about it?
– Do you really believe it’s good for your dog?

AUSSIES – Thanks! I’ve heard from a friend who is very concerned about what her dog ingests that Costco gives the most bang for your buck! By the way, is there a reason why Innova is good? Thank you 🙂

KAT – I’ve heard that Eukanuba has many ingredients that are just fillers that dogs can’t even digest? Correct me if I’m wrong 🙂
I’m not to keen on the raw food diet, as I am a student, and don’t have much time for preparation. I do hear of all the great pros of the raw food diet, but I need to know if its expensive, or if it’s a hassle?

BTW – Thanks for all the analysis websites! I’m checking them out, and one of them labeled ALL of the Eukanubas with ones out of SIX! LOL Wow! I heard from a vet (most likely endorsed!) that Euk is the ‘BEST’ you can do for your dog. Guess it’s time to change vets 😛
Oops! Forgot to mention what breeds, weights and ages.
1) Rough Collie – around 45-50lbs, 1 year 8 months. Somewhat picky about her food.

2) Golden Retriever – around 85-90lbs, not overweight, the breeder specializes in larger golden rets for hunting, not showing. 1 year 6months. He used to just GOBBLE it all up, but now he’s more into eating when he really IS hungry.

3) Mutt. I believe she’s a lab x pit x boxer x staffordshire. About 8 months.

— They are all fed at certain times, seperated from each other —

Thanks so much for all the great advice!
What are some GOOD things I should look for in the ingredients list?

What are some BAD things I should watch out for in the ingredients list?

Thank you all for being so informative 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Aussies are my ♥ Dogs
I have done a TON of research on dog foods. I feed the Kirkland brand from costco, because it is seriously the best quality for the price. It is less expensive than Iams, and it is 100% better.

If I had the money, I would feed Innova.

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