Dog Barking Problems-Top 7 Tips On How To Stop Dog Barking Problems

So you are sick and tired of your dog barking problems. Looking for ways on how to get rid of barking dog problems? Dogs absolutely love to bark and it’s only when it becomes excessive, it becomes a big nuisance to dog owners and their neighbors alike. However, for your dog is nothing more than a means of communication with the world outside him. If he does not bark, he does not have any other way of expressing his feelings.

Unfortunately, to human ears barking is simply irritating and in our opinion often needless. Most people prefer dogs over other pets because they bark, but it their dogs bark excessively they soon get annoyed with the dog barking problems. No matter how serious barking dog problems are, they can be dealt with by using proper training techniques.

You would certainly want your dog to stop barking, but you would also want your dog to bark when he needs to alert you of a danger to you or your property. So, our aim should not be how to stop a dog from barking completely, rather how to stop a dog from barking excessively.

Mentioned here are the top 7 tips on how to stop dog barking problems -:

1 – When your dog barks just to get your attention, pay no attention to him, don’t say anything to him not even a “no”. Avoid eye contact and use your body language to help get the message across that you do not want to be bothered.

2 – Use a clear squirt gun to squirt some water at him when he is barking.

3 – Roll up a newspaper and hit your palm hard with it, the noise produced will grab his attention when he is barking, thus causing him to stop barking.

4 – If you need to leave your dog alone at home, make sure you give him some nice dog chew toys, so that he does not feels bored and start barking out of boredom.

5 – Train your dog to be quiet on command. Say “NO” to him, but make sure you don’t yell at him.

6 – Socialize your dog. Take him out for a long walk everyday. Dogs that are well exercised are less likely to develop barking dog problems.

7 – Always reward your dog when he obeys your command by giving him a treat or by gently caressing him and saying “good dog”

No matter how severe barking dog problems may seem like, with proper training they can be dramatically reduced. When trying to stop dog barking problems, a good dog training course can be very useful. You will want to look for the one that includes a free consultation with an experienced dog trainer.

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