Question by Charlotte: whats a good “guard” dog ?
My grandparents house was just recently robbed and they just put up a security system for if it ever happens again.
They also want a dog that will protect them (bark, etc) if this ever happens again.
They currently have a chow mix but hes afraid of strangers and cats and will run and hide if anyone knocks on the door or steps foot in the house… he won’t bark unless he’s outside and its only if a racoon or possum is back there.

They’re 75 years old and can hold their own but they are still afraid of someone coming back with a gun to their head again.
ALSO: They do not want to move!!!! Yes, I’ve discussed with them that they should look in to a different area to live in but my grandpa is stubborn and WILL NOT move out of the house.
This is when I mentioned them getting a dog because that is the best home security they can get!!

What KIND of dog would be good for them?
They want an easily trainable dog that is good for an older pair like them, AND YES I will be coming by once a day to take the dog to the park (of course!!!) so he will get the right amount of exercise.

So my question again;

What is the best “guard dog” for an older couple?

Best answer:

Answer by maria
try this its a list of the 10 best guard dogs

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