Question by Bubbles: My neighbors dog was chewing on a dead deer? Unhealthy?
My neighbors dumped a large deap skinned deer in their back yard for their English bull dog to chew on. It’s not only disgusting but I would assume it would be unhealthy for a dog to chew on a dead body. Also it’s been pretty warm out…..
Can a dog caught disease or get sick eating a dead deer? I assume it’s unsanitary plus deer out where I am are not the healthiest and tick infested.

I really don’t want to see this or have it going on in the back yard so if I could talk to them for “health” reason for their dog- that would be better then me saying “Hey, Rednecks, stop being so filthy dirty and disgusting- we don’t want to smell rotting deer while sitting in our back yard”. LOL

PS- I don’t care if you feed your dog raw but I assume you would measure it out the meat/organs/bones, skin it (remove the bad parts)and keep it refrigerated instead of letting it sit outside and your dog is chewing on a deer head for days.
I am pretty sure it’s not legally to just dump dead animals on your land…. it’s pretty diguesting and smells.
It’s also very close to their back door and my house- it’s not like they dumped it in the back.

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Answer by Ceasars Mom
Yeah, thats pretty nasty, call the health department and report them. I would also call animal control and tell them what is going on and file a complaint with them also.

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