Question by raspberryph: My dogs are SO picky about food! HELP?
My dogs are picky and spoiled, quite frankly and I can’t take it any longer. They want canned food and they also sit and stare at me when I am eating anything. I buy them every type of brand of food and they are very picky about what they eat. I just bought them Chef Michaels Canine Creations because it has soft meaty pieces in it I thought they would love, its kind of like dehydrated meat. They picked at it.

I know its not the “best” brand of food, but Kibbles and Bits Homestyle is the only one they will consistently eat parts of, they are picky though and my dachshund especially, will bite out the orange and green pieces and throw them on the floor next to her bowl. She will only eat the brown pieces.

I have fed them everything from Wellness (bland, blah they hated it) and Wysong to cheap walmart food. Like I said, they “kind of” like Kibbles and bits, parts of it. They only really eat canned and it gives them the craps, so I want to eliminate that completely.

Its also a common occurence to hear “git!!! go eat your dog food!!!” regularly being hollered at dinnertime around my house and any meal time. They HARASS.


(I have three dogs, a pure dachshund… a cockapoo….and a dachshund/chihuahua mix)

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Answer by Feisty
YOU pick the kind of food YOU will feed them.
You then put the food on the floor for 30 minutes. If they don’t eat, pick it up.
Keep this up every day. They will eat when they get hungry enough. Do NOT give in with treats, etc.
DO make sure they have plenty of water, 24/7,

As to the begging part, that’s a BIG no-no. Block them from the room if you must, but you’re better off just training them. Our dog gets no food except the kitchen or outside (only when training) NO exception and he does NOT beg. He can be sitting in my lap when I’m snacking, and he does not beg.

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