Question by Priรciℓℓα ✟: “Don’t feed your dog anything but dog food” — Does that even make sense?
I’ve been told by my vet and dog websites and books not to feed my dog anything but dog food a million times…. but does that advice really even make sense?

Isn’t that advice really coming from the dog food industry?

I mean when you think about it, dog food is a relatively new invention. Dogs are scavengers in the wild, and it used to be that dogs lived off of table scraps. I mean, does it really make sense that dogs can only eat dog food?

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Answer by Ista
They can eat more than dog food.

The reason for this advice, is it’s easier to give than: Don’t give your dog: chocolate, onions, grapes, or spicy foods. And the resulting explanations.

Also, they do have nutritional needs, dog food meets those needs. Well, a good dog food does. Simply feeding your dog your leftovers might not. Think about it… do people today eat healthy? Or is it mostly junk food, fastfood, and frozen junk? None of which is good for you, or your dog.

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