Senior Dog Diet: Is There A Distinction?

Though you may loathe it, there’s nothing much you can do because aging is a normal process, so, when age finally catches up with your furred friend, the best way you can reciprocate for the many years of companionship is to make sure that your pet is healthy and happy for the rest of his/her life.

I’m sure you haven’t missed the current hype about the amazing dog diets for senior pets. But then you may wonder where the difference is between the kibble, much recommended for older dogs and the ordinary dog food for adult dogs. Well, maybe there is, but if that is true, how do you know that the time is ripe to switch your dog to a different diet?

The best knowledgebase you can contact for reliable information on the above is your pets vet. You and your pets vet are the two best placed individuals to know the dietary requirements of the pet. Who else does? Let your vet address your concerns, reservations and questions to your satisfaction. The vet will then advice you on the necessary measures to take and if dietary changes needs to be done, how best to do that.

You should not be concerned about changing your pet’s diet from adult dog food to senior dog food, if the dog is healthy, medically fit and maintains a stable weight. On the contrary, if your dog’s weight becomes unstable or digestion issues arise, then you may have to switch. But if weight is the sole problem, try limiting the quantity of dog food you feed to your dog. This could be useful in addressing the weight problem.

A dog is considered senior when it is in the last third of its lifespan. Large dog breeds like the Great Dane, live to be 9 years old. So, if you own a similar breed then you could switch to senior dog’s diet at the dog’s sixth birthday. The poodle breed of dogs are advantaged in the age factor, because they only hit senior age bracket in their tenth birthday. Chiefly, a decision to change your dog’s diet should be based on the dog’s health status rather than age define in years. Your pets vet will help you establish the correct time that your dog’s diet needs to be changed.

Senior dog food preparations are usually low in calories. This will helps to curb weight related problems. Senior dog food preparation are very rich in fiber, this helps prevent constipation prevalent in older dogs because of decreased bowel movements.

Senior dogs like senior citizens are also prone to renal failure. Therefore, dietary requirements of such dogs need to be very low in proteins so as to minimize the kidney workload which is often high in protein rich foods. That is the reason why protein content is low in senior dog food preparations than in normal adult dog formulas.

Encourage your dog to eat dry dog food for good dental health. Dry kibble helps to combat plaque and tartar accumulation which could lead to tooth decay. If your senior pets have problem eating fry food, you should either purchase moist and canned varieties of dog food or moisten it with water.

At your vet’s recommendation, food supplements can form a good part of your older dog’s diet. Dogs are at times unable to eat properly due to dental issues. Other senior pets maybe unable to absorb the nutrients from their food for numerous health challenges. Supplements like daily vitamin and glucosamine are greatly beneficial to sustaining a healthy diet for your pet.

Glucosamine is very good for joint health. It can protect senior dogs from bone and joint related health problems like hip displacia and arthritis. Essential vitamins include Vitamins E,A, and C. these vitamins are also great anti-aging components. Consult your vet about supplementing your dog’s diet with such nutrients.

You have your pet’s interest at heart. So, you should ensure that your senior pets have a good diet that addresses their particular nutritional needs. Work together with your pets vet to make sure that your senior dog lives longer by having his dietary needs adequately addressed. Nothing affects a pet’s health directly like nutrition; that means diet is essential and has to be addressed accordingly.

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