Question by traceyld1971: Company name for dog treat business?
Hi . I am getting ready to go file a DBA to make my dog treats. They will be made with natural ingredients, but not called organic.
The few names I like the best are “Spoiled Spike dog snacks” , “Dilly Doggie Dog treats” the last was a play on my last name & Van Gogh
“Van Dogh”, but I didnt know if anyone would “get” it by pronunciation – but I could do a cool logo with a dog with sideways eyes etc.

Any ideas or opinions?

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Answer by hudsongray
I’d spell it Van Dough, it looks better and sounds nicer.

The logo should not be a problem, you can go to any art college and talk to the teacher about having their class design logos and pick the best one–the students get to put in their resume that they worked on a business logo. No money or prize needs to be given.

I’m not keen on the Spoiled Spike, it doesn’t ring ‘modern’ in today’s language, seems more a hold over from the 1950’s. Dilly Doggie seems to be more from the UK. (Don’t forget to do a google search to see if anyone is currently using the name).

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