Certain ingredients and types of foods can actually do more harm than good to your dog. Here’s a guide to what you should not feed your pet. Choose the right hotel, and you don’t have to hire a pet sitter or pay for a kennel when you head out on your next family vacation.
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Good news: Don’t rake or bag twigs and leaves
Nothing like a few blasts of strong wind to change the landscape. Gone are the leaves from the trees — and a heck of a lot of what I call “twigage” as well. It is a good thing. Both make great food for the microbe herd you want to maintain in your yard.
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Hackettstown church to hold Blessing of the Animals
Phyllis Heistand is pictured with newly adopted yellow lab, Macey. A Blessing of the Animals service will be held this Sunday at St. James’ Episcopal Church in Hackettstown. HACKETTSTOWN — St. James’ Episcopal Church will offer a Blessing of the…
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Girl Scout gift packages thrill new pet owners at Warwick animal shelter
Warwick – Anyone who recently adopted a pet from the Warwick Valley Humane Society’s Animal Shelter received much more than they expected.
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