Question by barracuda20: My ex boyfriend stole my dog. How do I get her back?
My ex boyfriend stole my dog. How do I get her back?
ok, so here goes.. ill try and make it as short as possible:

My exboyfriend, and I broke up about a year and a half ago. While we were together, we bought a dog from the humane society for me. (He had a dog too and i wanted one i could call mine) He paid for her up front (in his name) and I paid him back in cash (no record). I had no clue what that horrible decision would lead to. So, a year and a half ago we broke up and i moved out (we were living together in his home).. i took my dog, Kaili, with me and she has been with me ever since… i have been taking very good care of her… im not sure if you have a dog, but my dog to me is like a real daughter, a best friend, a sister. She means everything to me. I even have a perscription from my psycologist for her so that my apartment complex would let me keep her. .. along with a pet deposit and everything.. so what i am saying is that there is proof that Kaili has been my dog for the past year and a half. ….

A few months ago, __ and i started hanging out again as friends. I would let him take Kaili on his own when i worked doubles so that Kaili had the other dog to play with and __ just lost his job, and she makes him happy. On February 15th, I took a trip to the keys where brad was, and didnt hang out with him, so he got his feelings hurt. Ever since, I have been dealing with his psycotic behavior. He started harassing and threatening all kinds of things (including taking my dog away from me) in text messages and emails. He has been doing the same to about 5 of my friends, my sister, my mom, my dad and my dad’s girlfriend. He even wrote a long letter pretending to be one of my friends to my dad’s girlfriend and it made her throw up. I have emails of him pretending to be me writing them. Each of my friends and family members have received over 50 text messages each. And thats not where it gets bad. I was told I should have filed a restraining order right away, and i didnt, and i still haven’t. I figured his behavior would die down and that by me ignoring him, that he would stop. But, it just got worse. About a week ago, I was working a double at work so on my break i took Kaili to my moms to watch her. after i got out of work, i picked kaili up from my moms house and brought her home to my apartment.. as i was walking to my front door (which is in the back of the apartment building) ___ came out of nowhere, running fast at me, wripped the dog’s leash from my hand and kept running with my dog! I had no clue what to do so i called the police. Basically they told me that this was a “civil thing” and that a dog is “personal property” and if the dog is in ___’s name, that he can do what he did. I explained to them that i felt assaulted and scared, that ___ literally could have been waiting hours for me in the dark b/c i get out of work at all different hours so he couldnt have known an exact time.. they told me the most they could do is escort me to his apartment or a place i know where he is and they can try to reason with him but they cant just take the dog back. I kept asking them “how is this not a crime?” “how did he not just assault me?” and they basically told me to take it to court or let him have the dog. They also told me that they couldnt do anything to me if i stole the dog right back.

SO… here i am now. i just got all the paperwork from my vets and i can come up with all the proof she has been MY dog.. but im guessing i need to go to court… i can use any advice on what to do next… there are two issues here, my dog and my safety.. do i go file a restraining order now? and then take him to court later? what do i do?? i am so lost and i feel so hopeless… I am not in the wrong in this situation but i feel like nobody cares to take on this matter. again, she is my daughter, i need her back. Please help me with whatever you can… maybe you know a good lawyer i can use??
any information can help. I would also like to stress the fact that i don’t have a lot of money.. i am not a dependent on anyone (including my parents) i am a single waitress with my own apartment so im not the richest person.

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Answer by Chris
Find yourself a large male and a Louisville Slugger and go get your dog back. That is some low shit stealing a persons dog. If someone stole mine I would make sure that they walk with a permanent limp…

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