Question by JessiBoo561.: Whats a good kibble food for my pets from the company “Blue”?
I was watching Animal Planet and i saw a very convincing commercial for the food company “Blue”. I don’t totally know what to get for my pets but i do know that i would like it in kibble form.

So for my dog i have a German Shepard, hes about a year and a half, and quite large. And i was thinking about any of the Adult Large Breed Formulas or Fish & Sweet Potato Recipe. If you know about German Shepard’s, then you know that they don’t have the best reputation for hips, or any joints. they can get really bad arthritis in their later years.

For my cats, its difficult. i have three, ones a Tabby cat, the other is a Tuxedo cat and the other is a Russian Blue. i was thinking about the “Indoor Health…” or “Weight Loss…” for my cats, because they are all domestic, but one of them is overweight.

Thanks for any help. please be mature about the answers. THANK YOU.

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ive never gave it to a dog but i gave it to my four gave them bad diarrhea. It it is very expensive for a little bag! i have four cats and the weight loss one didnt seem to work on my over wieght cat but the rest got diarrea! not fun…hope this helps sorry i didnt suggest anything im just telling u my results

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