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Whether you are new to dog training or have trained many dogs the reality is that you are going to bump into problems along the way. It is imperative that you understand how to troubleshoot problems with these little known secrets when training your dog.

Essentially, dog training is about communicating. From the human point of view, the handler is communicating to the dog what behaviors are acceptable, preferred, or favored in certain circumstances, as well as what behaviors are not acceptable. From the canine perspective, the owner must find out what motivates the dog if you want good results.  The handler must also take note of communication signals from the dog. The dog can signal that he is uncertain, confused, anxious, content, energized, and so on. The emotional state of the dog is a vital consideration in the training process, because a dog that is strained or unfocused will not learn efficiently.

There are four messages that owners are capable of sending their dog.  The first is the reward marker in which you reward your dog for good behavior.  The second is the keep going signal where you let them know that if they continue doing the order you have given, they will earn a reward.  The next message is called a no reward marker, this occurs when the dog misbehaves and you do not reward a treat.  You then must repeat until the dog does it correct, or you can simply try something else.  The final message is one that you can send to your dog is misbehaving.  You have the option of either punishing them for their action, you want to keep your punishment light though because this is a means of learning and you don’t want to hurt your dogs trust in you from excessive punishment or abuse.

Using reliable signals or terminology for these messages enables the dog to understand them more quickly and will have your dog properly trained in no time!

Dog Training Secrets

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