Question by ~Skitlez~: I Need Dog Obedience Help!?
I have to dogs, both greyhounds named Truly (male, 7) and Maggie (female, 3). Maggie is very assertive. She likes to race in front of Truly when they are going outside and almost knocks him down going down the stairs. Also, when I let the dogs outside and call them back in, they don’t listen to me and they stare at me with this “I can hear you but I’m not going to come” expression and sometimes I have to go down the stairs to bring Maggie inside, and she runs away from me! Maggie also sleeps on my mothers bed during the day, at night she sleeps with my step-dad in the bed, and sometimes during the day I will find her asleep on the couch and she jumps down because she knows that she isn’t supposed to be there! Maggie also has this ‘habit’ she does; she bears her teeth (what my family calls smiling) and then she pounces on you and it really hurts when her nails scrape your skin. Truly is very calm and we don’t have very many problems with him. We got Maggie last September and she has been like this since then.

I don’t let her get on the beds and I go get her if she doesn’t come back inside. My parents are the ones not enforcing the obedience and I’m trying to “fix” their behavior. Please don’t say “Take them to an Obedience Class.” I don’t have the money to do that and I can’t drive.
She knows not to be on the couch because whenever we catch her, we say “No Maggie!” and she jumps down and hangs her head while going to her bed.

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Answer by Dd
Don’t worry about obedience classes. You can deal with this at home. I personally think it makes more sense to train your dog at home, and then sign up for obedience classes later to add distractions to his training and make it harder.

Does your dog REALLY know she isn’t suppose to be on the couch? Or do you think she just reacts to your facial expression when you walk in the room? If she knows for sure, you need to give her a correction when you catch her doing it. Same for any other bad behavior. Get a long line too. Like one of those 25-50ft ones. Put her on it to help train with her recall. If she doesn’t come when called, you snap the leash.

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