Question by kdoulos: Over reacting to dog bite?
I train dogs for a living. I have been bitten a few times, HOWEVER, I knew what I was getting into and I KNEW the dogs were current on all vaccinations.
This past memorial day weekend my husband and I went to my brother-in-law’s place for a cookout. His ex has the dogs, and she was there as well. From past experience, I don’t think the dog is current on vaccinations, and worse yet, they live in the woods. So, on with my story.
I’m standing in the room which is only 700 square feet. I’d left my dog outside for that reason, but someone let him in while I was in the bathroom. It’s not a bad thing, but I just figured with nearly ten people and two dogs already in the house that one more dog under foot was just not necessary. My pit mix actually comes with me on aggression cases. He isn’t the problem here.
Anyway, Marley, her miniature dachshund gets on the couch with my BIL. No big deal, until my dog went to my husband who was sitting right next to my BIL on the couch. The dachshund flips out and attacks my pit bull, thankfully no blood was drawn on my dog. Of course, being half drunk at the time I wasn’t using my dog trainer’s common sense, and I hooked my arm around MY dog to pull him away because he was actually stuck in place due to how packed the room was, and couldn’t escape. My husband at this point was restraining the dachshund, and somehow, he got loose, and bit my bicep. He left deep non-bleeding puncture wounds and a nasty bruise, but after cleaning my cut out, I saw there were minor scratches that had bled.Actually they look like 3 pin pricks on my skin. It’s def. not the worst bite I’ve had, actually far from it.
Anyway, my concern is the fact that the dog may not be vaccinated. I didn’t think much of it, but I’m curious if my “allergy” symptoms are from something else. It happened on The Sunday before actual Memorial day, and today is Saturday, so it’s been almost a week. I know rabies would have killed me by now, but I’m not an expert on all the dog to human viruses (aside from the common known ones).
I can honestly understand why a lot of dog bites are not reported when they happen within the family, but here’s my dilemma. My BIL and his girlfriend are broke up. He and my husband saw the bite, I have the fading marks of the bruise, and frankly I don’t want to be a bi***. However, I KNOW this dog has high arousal/territorial aggression problem because my BIL has a scar where the dog bit him, and it doesn’t help that she won’t get him neutered. I offered my assistance in training the dog, but his girlfriend (owner) refused me flat out.
I am wondering if I should report the bite. It happened in a neighboring county, and it’s been a week. The bruise is fading, and it wasn’t serious. I wouldn’t think to do this if I KNEW the dog was current on vaccinations, but as is, I don’t know. My husband thinks I shouldn’t worry about it, but frankly, her flat out stupidity regarding her dog’s aggression has pissed me off.
I tried to get the information from her, but she said she wasn’t sure because she couldn’t find his papers since she moved.
My Pit and the Dachshund have played together for around three years. It was the fact that the room was soo crowded, and that was HIS person. That was the first time the dachshund has ever attacked a dog. His aggression is more human based, not good!

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Answer by Rayven ~ Here we Go Again
Of course you should report the bite. Doesn’t matter if she is family or in this case FORMER family. A dog bite is a dog bite no matter the size of the dog and in this case the dog DID break the skin.

And i don’t care if he’s current or not the bite SHOULD STILL BE REPORTED this dog has proven TWICE it will bite humans unprovoked.

ETA: Oh look the TD fairies are out and about.

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