Fun Dog Tidbits for May

Enjoy our monthly little tidbits on your furry friends. Here you will find interesting fun facts on dogs and cats or any other little tidbits of information from delicious pet recipes to fun facts to fun games to play with your pet. You never know what you will find, so join us each month for some fun and exciting tidbits!

Five Fun Facts: 1) Almost 94% of people who own pets say that their pet makes them smile more than once a day. 2) The basic patron of dogs is St. Anthony. 3) In 1957, Laika was a female husky that Russian scientists rocketed into space. In fact Laika was actually the worlds first space traveler. 4) Cats can hear up to 50,000 cycles per second. This is more than twice then that of a human. 5) Cats usually have 12 whiskers on each side of their face. That is 24 in all!

Popular and Unique Names for your Pets: Dog Names are Rocky, Lily, Amber, Jasper, Cinnamon, Princess, Muffin, Sydney, Harley, and Sandy. Cat Names are Basil, Cicero, Cocoa, Finigan, Bungle, Angle, Gin, Eddie, Buttercup, and Burrito!!

Games to Play with your Pets

Hide and Seek with your Dog. This game can be so much fun to play with your dog. It takes two people to play this one with your dog. One of you either holds your hands over your dogs eyes or stays in the house with the dog. The other person runs outside and hides. After the count of twenty, the dog is let out and runs and finds you.

Hunting for the burrowing mice. This is a game for you and your cat. It is a classic that has been around for quite some time now. All you do is run your hand underneath a blanket and your cat will pounce on it!

Pet Products

Pet strollers are a great way to take your dog or cat out for a walk or to give them a break on the way back from a long playtime in the park. Pet beds are wonderful to have for your pets to have a special place to sleep after that long walk or playtime in the park! Pet costumes or clothes are great for cold weather or simply for fun. Check out all of the cute costumes and coats available these days! Dog Recipes. Warning these can be too tempting for humans!

Justina Mathews writes about issues that affect pet owners and thier loving pets. She writes for her own blog, as well as special in depth articles that include ways of improving your relationship with your pet. She’s also a staff writer for Dog Costumes/a>.

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