Question by the_show_for_show: Is the dog food “Profile” a good brand?
I found this dog food called Profile, its very expansive and has no additives, its preserved in Vitamin E and is made with no chemiclas but all natural flavours and herbs and spices. Will this be a good dog food for an Aussie I might be getting in September? Is Iams better? My sheltie is on Iams, but he is not as big as an aussie will get and i feed my sheltie a lot of table scraps (the healthy ones, not like chicken bones or whatever).

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Answer by Clinton defender 300
Is it Made in China? If not, put it down immediately. The Chinese dog food industry needs your support. The pet companies in China have been going out of business and as a result they have been forced to increase the quality of their products to attract foreign customers.

Therefore, the quality of Chinese dog food is very premium. So, if it’s made in China, go ahead and buy it. If not, then think twice.

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