Why Sme’s Need To Bolster Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Even though one might think that multinational corporations contribute the most to the economic development of a country, statistics tell another story. According to official data released by some of the most well known research agencies, it has been found that more than 90% of businesses across the world is accounted by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Notably, the small and mid sized firms also provide employment to over 50% of world population. It can thus be said that the SMEs play a pivotal role in ensuring overall development of a country. But when it comes to the question of shouldering corporate social responsibility (CSR) only a handful of small firms are seen successful.

According to global marketers, SMEs can play a huge role in helping the society at large by boosting their CSR initiatives. This can be carried out at the most basic level by extending a helping hand towards small communities and non profit organizations (NGOs). By supporting these small communities, the small sized firms can address issues of social importance. These may include topical concerns such as environment conservation and dissemination of information pertaining to literacy. This can prove especially effective in developing countries of the world that are plagued by several local issues such as female infanticide and malnutrition.

By bolstering their CSR initiatives at all levels, small and mid sized companies can build a strong brand image for themselves in the market and reach out to their prospects in an effective manner. In addition, successful implementation of CSR initiatives can contribute to the betterment of the society by getting all the employees involved. Although the small and mid sized firms have budgetary constraints while puling off their CSR activities, there are some highly productive activities that can be taken into account while zeroing in on the most appropriate option.

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