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Sick and tired of your dog barking? Looking for the best way to stop dog barking? Excessive dog barking is a problem that most dog owners face. Dogs simply love to bark and it is a completely normal thing for a dog to do, just as it is normal for humans for speak. Dogs bark to communicate their feelings with the world outside them. However, to human ears barking is simply annoying and in our opinion unwanted.

Another important aspect of stopping dog barking is, getting to know the cause behind barking. Well, I know you may well say, “He just barks for no reason”, but that is not right folks. Dogs always bark for a reason. Here are a few general reasons behind a dog’s bark – too cold/warm, boredom, excitement, hunger, lonely, warning you of a danger, seeking attention etc.

To stop dog barking a wide range of chemicals and products are sold in the market, ranging from chemical sprays to high frequency sound emitting ultrasonic equipments. All these ways to stop barking are effective and work well, however, they are just temporary solutions to dog barking and a dog is not going to change his barking habits.

Will you find it convenient to wake up in the middle of the night to use an electronic device or spray some chemical on your barking dog? The best way to stop dog barking is, training a dog to stop barking. Training dogs is one of the most overlooked methods because there are “quick” methods available to just “shut up the dog”, however, what people fail to understand is, these methods are just a temporary solution to a much bigger problem.

Contrary to the popular belief, training a dog to stop barking isn’t that difficult and doesn’t take too long. It just needs patience and persistence on your part and you can train your dog on your own to stop barking excessively.

So now that you know the best way to stop a dog barking, get your hands on a good training manual and learn how to stop dog barking on your own. You will want to look for the one that includes a free consultation with an experienced dog trainer.

Gary Price worked at a vet clinic and an animal shelter, and has had lots of experience with dogs. Visit him at,, to learn more about the best way to stop dog barking. Discover which dog training course he recommends at

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