Question by EllisFan: Why is my dog so itchy?
My poor 2 y/o golden retriever has been suffering from a skin condition of some sort since around March of this year. He had little bumps under his fur in several places on his skin, and he would scratch and chew at them until they became scabs.

The vet originally told us he just has “allergies”, and told us to give him an antihistamine everyday, which we do. It doesn’t help. This problem hasn’t ever gone away, and its December. All airborne allergens should be frozen off by now anyways… live in the midwest and its been well below freezing more than 10 times at night so far.

We tried a limited ingredient diet too, in case it was his food he was allergic to…no luck there either. Never got better.

No, he doesn’t have fleas or ticks, and yes I am sure. The vet checked, too.

WHAT ELSE COULD THIS BE? I feel like we are getting no where, and the poor guy is miserable. Just looking for some other things to ask the vet about…

Oh and no it isn’t mange, we checked that.
About the limited ingredient diet – They have dog foods that are for dogs with food allergies i guess, and they only have one kind of protein and one kind of carb. This particular food is Duck and Potato (by Royal Canin)
No new things i can think of…we have all hardwood floors, no new cleaners or anything…

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Answer by Girl from the North Country
You said you tried a limited ingredient diet; does this mean you changed his protein source? I.e. from lamb to fish or something along those lines?

Maybe you’ve already explored this, but you could try another protein/carb source until you find something that works. My dog has food allergies and so I had done a little research. See attached link. Our dog is on fish and potato…there are various protein sources out there….venison, kangaroo, etc. Also, be sure to have your dog on the diet for at least 12 weeks to notice an improvement–we noticed around 8 weeks. You’ll see all of this in the link.

Also, vets can do allergy testing on dogs just like they do on humans. If you’re willing to spend the money on the tests, you might be able to figure it out. Good luck! It’s hard to see our buddies suffering!

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