Question by stacey: Animal testing what does “stopped all animal testing on finished products” mean?
does it mean they still test on animals i wrote to proctor and gamble asking them do they test there products on animals and they wrote back saying “stopped all animal testing on finished products” so do they while making the product test it on animals or what im confused also why do they test baby care prducts on animals (why dogs and rabbits ect are our skin and eyes the same its crazy

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Answer by calyx156
What this is is essentially a legal loophole that allows them to use ingredients from other manufacturers that may or may not have been tested on animals and b/c P&G is NOT the company doing the testing, they then feel they do not have to be responsible about it in any way, and can deny they even know about it b/c it’s “not them, it’s a completely different company”. They state they do not animal test the finished product (ie after they’ve mixed up a batch, and packaged it and put it all together, and yah, that’s all just peachy…), but what that wording allows them to do is to conduct business absolutely as usual with NO, that is ZERO impunity or consequences, and to the less educated or exacting consumer, it puts a notion in their heads that Proctor & Gamble is this really socially responsible and earth-friendly company, when in fact it’s anything but.

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