Question by Michelle: My dog wont eat when I leave!?
I adopted my dog Bentley from the pound and he suffers from “Separation Anxiety” really bad. I told the vet about it and she said well try to work with him on it, I have been for the best two weeks and nothing has changed I’m not too sure what to do next. when I leave I’ll give him toys dog snacks and what not but he wont touch them at all and all he does is bark cry and pee! What else can/should I do? By the way I already bout him a collar (not a shock one) to stop him from barking but it does its not helping!

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Answer by sean
You could try leaving him in a crate for short periods of time while you are gone. My dog was like this so bad and he got TONS of exercise before I went anywhere, I finally got another dog to be with him and he’s never sad about being home alone. Maybe you have a friend that you could share dog daycare/play days with. That could help.

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