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Treat Your Four Legged Friend to the Very Best Dog Food

Dog owners would agree that their dog is more than just a pet. It is a companion, a friend and more importantly a member of the family. In return for their companionship all they ask from their owners is a little love and care (and perhaps the occasional juicy bone or two). Many owners will lavish their dog with toys, expensive accessories and warm fluffy pet beds. But how many dog owners actually pay attention to the quality of food they are feeding their dog? Good nutrition is vital, and feeding your dog the best dog food you can afford is only going to benefit his health in the long term.

On a daily basis dogs require a high level of vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, proteins and water. At various stages throughout their life these requirements change and it is important to buy a dog food which suitably matches your dog’s age. You will usually find quality dog food split across three age ranges; Puppy, Adult and Senior.

If you buy a good quality dog food your dog will require little else (apart from a plentiful supply of fresh running water). Do not be tempted to feed your dog human snacks as a “treat”. Far from being kind to your pet foods like chocolate, crisps, bread and so on can really do your dog harm and contribute to significant weight gain. No matter how much your dog begs at the dinner table for a scrap from your plate your only reaction should be a firm “no”. If you do want to allow your dog occasional treats then purchase those supplied by quality pet food manufacturers. Reputable manufacturers have incorporated benefits into many of their dog snacks including oral health biscuits, light chews and snacks to aid mobility in older dogs.

The supermarket is probably the most common place for dog owners to purchase dog food. Supermarkets understand the nation’s obsession of pets, hence you will find aisles full of brightly coloured cartons, bags and tins of pet food. Whilst it is hard to criticise the budget pet food brands in this article it is worth noting that many of these mass produced foods have much lower nutritional value than the higher priced items. This means your dog may end up consuming more of this type of food before it feels full. If the price of the food is your major concern you need to consider this: a 1KG bag of premium, vetinary approved dog food will most likely last longer than 1KG of budget food, as your dog will require a smaller portion.

If you would like to try switching your pet to a premium dog food then there are plenty of places you can go to for advice. A great place to start with is at the vet’s surgery. They will be able to guide you on the nutritional needs of your pet. They may also be able to suggest some brand names to you, many of which are only sold through the vetinary surgery.

Once you have trialled your dog on the premium pet food you can perhaps shop around on the internet, or via the specialist pet mega stores. You can usually find some great deals on premium dog food, especially if you buy in bulk. Many online retailers will also offer you free delivery (great when you are ordering several kilos of food).  Getting into the habit of feeding your dog only the very best food will lead to a much happier and healthy life for your pet.

Author Mark Woodcock is a Webmaster of a wide variety of online specialty shops including a very popular site offering the best dog food for your pet. Visit today.

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