Question by Rayven: k9 Cops told to be Considerate?…

This is beyond stupid and ridiculous. The whole point of the k9 unit is to SCARE and to subdue a criminal without the use of tasers and guns.

“Take into consideration the fear of dogs or allergies.” I am sorry but if you commit a crime and you are A) Afraid of dogs or B) allergic to them Oh F**king well.

So does anyone else think to higher up in England have lost their minds with this one?

Is it right to make cops assume everyone is afraid of dogs or has an allergy?

I asked this is the Dog section but I also want to get some input from the cop section if there are any dog handlers in here or any cops who have a k9 unit in their dept.

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Answer by David
I agree, you use a dog to intimidate suspects, and not to coddle them. Let the dog take a bite out of the criminal and see what he thinks next time of doing a crime.

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