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How far would you go to save a dog from the needle?

Question by Dd (got her first job!): How far would you go to save a dog from the needle?
Some dogs have behavioral problems caused by poor breeding, poor upbringing, or (in most cases) a combination of the two. Some of these dogs are so extreme that more gentle training methods just don’t work for them. How far would you go to save a dog if it’s life was on the line due to it’s behavioral issues? Would you pick a trainer that you usually disagreed with if your methods weren’t working?

Personally, I’m open to any tool. I believe in using the gentlest method that works on a particular dog, but I’m willing to use ANY training collar, whether it be a choke, prong, dominant dog collar, vibrating e-collar, or shock e-collar, etc.

BQ: Obviously, the “dominant dog collar” is just a slight adaptation of a nylon choke. Is this collar known by any other name, or is it Leerburg exclusive? I have the same question about Illusion Millan’s “Illusion collar”.
@Banned User, I suppose, if you believe it’s life on Earth is that horrible. But who’s to say death will be better than what we have now? O.o
@Finnowhateveryourname is, Lmao. Actually, he developed the collar to be used to restrict a dog’s air flow. The classic choke collar isn’t really meant to choke your dog. It’s only meant to snap it out of drive. But the dominant dog collar is actually meant to stop the dog from breathing. You are suppose to “hang” the dog from it’s leash if it acts up. Of course, he NEVER recommends this on just ANY dog, but one that is seriously aggressive (particularly handler aggressive ones that react badly to prong collars).
I should have clarified the difference between the two more, the choke is meant to have slack when on a dog whereas the dominant dog collar is meant to be close fitting to the dog’s neck.

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Answer by Banned User
Does encouraging the executioner to hurry up count as saving it?

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Dog Licking Screen Screensaver Download – 3D Screensavers Free Download

Dog Licking Screen Screensaver Download – 3D Screensavers Free Download

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Question by Bebe: Creationists, what’s this “mutations don’t add information” argument?
I just got this email from a creationist that says mutations don’t add information and God created dogs to be dogs not to become cats, etc.

Ok, so I know this person obviously doesn’t understand evolution, but that’s besides the point.

My Q is do creationionists think that God made two dogs about 6,000 years ago and then chihuahuas, st. bernard’s, and every other breed came from the loss of genetic info?
craig b – neo-darwinism doesn’t have anything to do with better or worse, higher or lower, just variations. the two breeds may have a common ancester. there’s no reason to think one would become extinct when a small group evolved into another species.

Best answer:

Answer by No Chance Without Jesus
talk about an ignorance of facts

Dogs were bred to enhance certain traits.
until trait desired was found. No Mutations at all.

If they wanted long legged dogs, the bred longer leg dogs sequentially until the legs were as long as they needed

That’s why all dogs can mate, because the ARE the same species, just different traits were enhanced in breeding

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‘Solution’ TVC by Pup-Pee Solutions – Adver 1 of 4 in the series

Pup-Pee Solutions TVC Spoof

Scrap Food Recycling — Give the dog a bone

Scrap Food Recycling — Give the dog a bone

Since I was a child, it was commonplace to feed the family dog scraps from the table. I remeber the parents used to put anything edible in the dog’s bowl, mashed potatos and gravy, leftover fat from steaks and pork, bones from steaks and pork, chicken skin, even vegetables and biscuits, and much more too numerous to mention here.  Now we are more learned, I wouldn’t say smarter cause I think we were pretty smart back then we just didn’t do the research to discover that all human food is not so good for the dog.

As a matter of fact, there are some foods that are perfectly alright for humans but lethal to dogs. The rule of thumb with anything we feed the dog that is not labeled or known of as dog food, should be fed to the dog in moderation. You know moderation is the key to everything in life. Some will say you should never feed the dog from the table, and although that may the case for some things people eat, it is not the case for everything, so table scraps are ok if you follow specific guidelines.

Now, let’s start with overfeeding. You don’t want a fat dog. Or a dog with digestive problems that lead to serious health problems. Or do you want a dog with diarhea? I didn’t think so. So no overfeeding that’s number one. Number two would be don’t feed Rover fats like fat cut from a steak, or butter, or oil like on a salad.  Your dogs body will absorb the fat and it will clog arteries and basically react the same as in a human on a high fat diet. Table scraps should be a treat for your dog, not a part of his daily eating ritual. The reason table scraps, no matter how large a portion, should never replace the regular meal is that the scraps do not contain the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep your dog healthy. And no fatty sauces like spaghetti sauce.

Now we are getting somewhere. No overfeeding, no fats, good. Now, no milk ar milk byproducts. Dogs lack the necessary enzyme required to break down and digest milk. Yes, dogs are lactose intolerant which means don’t feed them things like macaroni and cheese. The mac is fine the cheese is not. No sushi for Fido either. The fish causes a thiamine deficiency which will lead to seizures and death. No Onions. If anything had onions in it take the onions out before serving to your dog. Onion flavor wont hurt your dog, it’s the onion itself. Also, NO BONES. That’s right! No cooked bones of any kind. Bones could break apart into shards that could pierce intestines or stomach, they could damage the throat and pierce the roof of the mouth. Chew bones are not made of bone.

Easily digestible meats such as turkey, chicken, are great. Cooked rice is good, even some fruits and vegetables.  AVOID Grapes at all times. Grapes cause severe kidney damage in dogs. So it is OK to feed your dog table scraps as long as you know what not to feed him, to not overfeed him, and that it does not replace a regular meal, it is considered a snack.

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