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Funny Dog pics

Dog pic complication This one was made by my little brother Any tips or suggestions would help We are also taking requests Best WEbsite for Fun !!! Watch it !!
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  • 17.6 lb bag
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Alpo Prime Cuts Dry Dog Food 17.6 Lb Bag Prime Cuts Meaty Cuts Dry Dog Food Bagged Discovery Acc, Nbr, Sup All items sold new in original packaging

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How to Have a Healthy Dog

How to Have a Healthy Dog

“Discover How You Can Insure That Your Dog Is The Healthiest Pet Alive!”

Dear Dog Owner,

If you were asked if your dog is healthy and happy, how would you respond? Do you really know how to “read” your pet?

“Fido” can’t speak for himself and relies on you to be his eyes and ears for everything in his or her world. That means everything, from what is the best diet to reading the signs of illness.

Sounds like “easier said than done,” doesn’t it?

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For those who persue training with their dog…?

Question by Shadow’s Melon: For those who persue training with their dog…?
So everyone had to learn from some place how to train there dogs. I’m sure some had the benefit of growing up close to family or friends who shared a weath of knowledge.

I wonder, for those who did not have that nice little bonus, how did you find a suitable trainer to help you learn what to do in training your dogs. Did you at first, make a bad choice and go with someone less than experienced/reputable? How did you find that gem who guided you in learning how to train? What kind of resources did you use to find that person and/or people? Was the Yellow Pages even an option? Did you use just one instructor or did seek out training with a few different trainers to learn different methods/techniques? Does a trainer need to be researched to verify they actually know what they are doing?

With so many suggesting the “pet supply store training classes” (ugh), I just wonder if some really think it that hard to find a good trainer?
I found my trainer my contacting the local agility club, who suggested this woman because in her puppy class, she did mild introduction to agility equipment, like tunnels, low teeter and dog walk. After going to the first class, I told the instructor I was interested in persuing beyond the puppy class. She informed me there was a competition obedience class beginning in a month, but that I would first have to show, in the puppy class, that I was serious about training my pup and that would show in our progress. She did not want to waste her time with someone who wasn’t serious about training and I am glad she was like this.

We did well, got into her class and have learned so very much from her years of experience. She has UDX titled her Dals, as well as done agility and confirmation. She’s a well rounded instructor, who is always learning new things when she can (seminars, etc…) and we’ve been very pleased to learn from her.

Best answer:

Answer by Lisa
I researched obedience classes taught in my area online, and got a recommendation from the no-kill shelter that I picked my first dog up from.

They provided copies of their certification, and references from happy customers, as well as letting me attend a session as an observer before signing up.

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8in1 D.D.S. Canine Dental Kit

8in1 D.D.S. Canine Dental Kit

  • Includes everything needed to keep pet’s teeth and gums clean and healthy.
  • Comes with toothpaste, pet toothbrush, soft pet finger brush for hard to reach places and 6 chewable breath mints.

8in1 D.D.S. Canine Dental Kit (Blister)

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Question by monamoursansfin: has anyone heard of the hot dog resteraunt “super dog” in chicago?

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Answer by öÁ¤ À
sorry, I never heard about that restaurant. I wonder where you ‘ve heare about that?

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Lucky dog OP

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