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Dog Obedience Schools: How To Get Free Dog Training By Learning What They Teach At Obedience Classes

Dog Obedience Schools: How To Get Free Dog Training By Learning What They Teach At Obedience Classes

Have you ever wished you could train your dog the way they are trained in professional obedience schools that you see on television or in your neighborhood dog training obedience schools? Home dog training is very possible for even the average dog owner, and you don’t necessarily need dog obedience classes to have a well trained dog. Pet obedience is within the reach of all dog owners if they just learn proper techniques.

While free dog training is very possible if you want to do-it-yourself you must first dispel many of the myths that surround dog training. Once you understand the truth behind dog behavior (the stuff they teach you at expensive obedience schools) you will be able to have the dog of your dreams.

These are all things I often hear about obedience training a dog. Some of them MAY have some truth but none of them are absolutely true:
1- You need to wait until a puppy is at least 4/6/8 months to start obedience training- Truth be told, you can start obedience training your puppy from the moment he gets home. Don’t ask too much at eight weeks of age but get started right away.
2- You can’t obedience train an older dog- I almost prefer an older dog when doing obedience training. Older dogs have developed bodies, developed minds, and developed nervous systems. What that means in relation to training is that you can ask for high level of obedience from an older dog.
3- Obedience training should be done only with treats- Treats are great tools for reward. When they are used as a basis for a training program they are most often ineffective versus big distractions. Think about it, if your dog is chasing after a cat going towards a busy street is he going to continue chasing the cat or return to you to get a little treat? Chances are he will continue chasing the cat towards disastrous results.
4- Obedience training should be done only with discipline. If you use only disciplinary measures in training a dog you may end up with a dog that is obedient. You will also end up with a dog that obeys out of fear.
5- Certain dogs can’t be trained- I have never met a dog that could not be trained. The only dog that theoretically couldn’t be trained at minimum to an adequate level would be a dog with a chemical imbalance in their brain. This type of dog is rare.

At pet obedience classes and your neighborhood dog obedience school you can find out how to dispel more myths about how to train a dog. If you are looking for FREE dog training, though, it is recommended that you search your library, the internet, and dozens of other resources to learn the best way to get your dog to be obedient without going to obedience classes.

Ty Brown is a leading dog training authority with numerous radio and television appearances to his credit. Visit for FREE dog training videos and more resources on how to train a dog.

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The Dog Health Problem Licking Excessively

The Dog Health Problem Licking Excessively

Almost every dog licks himself or herself at some time or another. This can irritate owners if it becomes excessive and persistent. The explanations for this problem are many as some reason are health related and some may be physiological. Different breeds of dogs lick because of the characteristics of the breed; others do it because they are frightened or have a health condition. Determining the reason can be time consuming for the dog owner, but a vet might find the reason quicker.

The Dog Health Problem Licking is Biological

Female dogs lick their puppies to keep them clean and free from fifth. When pups are born, the mother cleans them after birth and removes the film and body fluids that are common after birth. This also helps to arouse breathing in the newborn puppies. Another reason for the female to lick the newborns is to get the puppies to pass urine and feces. The puppies will sometimes lick the lips of the mother to persuade her to vomit so they can eat, this does not always happen if owners help with the care of the puppies.

Dog Health Problems Licking due to Psychological Reasons

Signs of stress or fatigue will cause a dog to lick excessively. If you compare human behavior to a dog’s behavior, you will see that people twirl their hair or something like that when they are bored or stressed and dogs lick themselves for the same reason, they only have this to do. Dogs react to different situations by licking and sometimes chewing on their paws or legs.

In some cases, excessive licking may result in other health problems such as dermatitis. Dogs make lick walls, floors, and anything they can find. Around this same line, some dogs eat fuzz off the floor as a way of expressing stress or displeasure. If you have ever seen a dog with hair or fuzz in their mouth and the continued mouth movement trying get it swallowed or out of the mouth is just as irritating as excessive licking. Treatment can only be given if there is an underlying health problem.

Some believe that behavior training corrects the problem, but punishment is not the answer. Rewarding the dog for not licking may take some time, but some dogs respond to this type of training to correct the licking problem. Some breeders believe in treats for curing excessive licking behavior.

If you notice any skin problems resulting from excessive licking, you need to contact a vet to correct any conditions arising from this behavior before a serious condition results. Some dogs will lick and lick until they have bald spots, this can cause other health complications such as dermatitis or skin infections if the lick the shin raw. The dog health problem licking condition may be something like adjusting the diet or providing a quiet room for the dog to get away from all the commotion that can cause stress. Either way, whether it is biological or psychological, your dog needs some kind of help.

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Dogs’ Night a tail-waggin’ good time

Dogs’ Night a tail-waggin’ good time
CHELAN — Bosi enjoyed a massage while Shadow and Rhythm posed for the photo contest. Freckles got his nails clipped, and Bear made his way through the obstacle course. At least 70 dogs brought their people to Dogs’ Night Out in Chelan Friday evening.
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Hayward “bully” show aims to redeem breed.
The East Bay resident helped organize Bullies by the Bay in an effort to help eliminate the negative stereotypes associated with pit bulls.
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“Bully Dogs” aren’t bullies, fans say
Geno Martinelli pointed across the field at two dogs scampering about. “Look at it — watch over there,” he said. “They’re playing like two Labradors. “… This is what it’s all about. They’re not going after each other. When they’re raised right, they’ll behave right.”
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Dog Stuff for Dog People

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Dog Food Rating” Top Five Dog Food Ingredients!

Dog Food Rating” Top Five Dog Food Ingredients!

Puppy meals ratings will definitely be specially methodized with regard to comparability not to mention efficiency requirements. This valuable report although not necessarily all-inclusive will certainly provide your own puppy with their uppermost health and fitness wise last but not least pleasurable dinner periods.
Innova: together with a number of total substances, innova is generally a truly intelligent preference for a great deal of dog lovers. Produce, seafood together with meat construct an amazing variety of digestible proteins for your personal family dog. Additionally, it incorporates omega 6 in addition to 3 fatty acids, vitamin supplements.
Wysong Application: This particular puppy meals created utilizing little or no meat is without a doubt specifically greatest suited to help dogs having meat allergic reactions.
Los angeles Organic Dog Food: Canines susceptible towards dermis allergic reactions, food reactions will quickly realize this specific canine food particularly welcoming. They have carbs, fats, along with proteins just about all within a 1:1:One percentage and it is barely listed at $.92.
Nutro: Consists of vitamin e antioxidant and many types of organic substances. Dogs having temperamental stomachs will probably enjoy nutro due towards the fact that it doesn’t include fabricated preservatives.
Canidae: The following is situated within the canned puppy meals. It has whole grains together with real quality various meats. Additionally it’s acknowledged by using comprising amino acids, complete compounds in addition to four or five key proteins. It can also be dished up solely or perhaps together with various other accompaniments.
The subsequent checklist can be described like a puppy meals rating that will assist as a general guide to puppy owners. The order is really of absolutely no outcome.
• Healthy puppy food.
• Canned dog food.

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