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Why Is Dog Clicker Training So Important?

Why Is Dog Clicker Training So Important?

Clicker training for dogs is one of the most scientific approaches to bring out the best behavior in dogs and illiminates any problems that exist. Using this method of training, communication with the dog increases and a better understanding of practical situations under which animals react arises.

Indeed, Clicker training dogs is a positive way that is based upon repetition, consistent efforts and positive reinforcement. 
Importance of Clicker Training:
•    Mutual respect and bonding develops automatically between the dog and the handler.
•    Dog Clicker training is a form of motivational training that is scientific and does not involve any violent punishments.
•    It is perfect for young puppies and makes confident dogs. 
•    It makes the dogs stress free and hence has a healthy effect on its overall growth.

What is a Dog Clicker?
A plastic toy that comes with a metal strip and makes distinctive sound is a clicker. Clicker plays a vital role in making a dog understand your ways of communication and you learn his psychology and conditioning. Dog Clicker Training enables the dog to enhance their skills and learn how to explore his own world.
Communication tools 
Operant Conditioning and classical conditioning are two basic tools employed in clicker training dog. These are governed by end results and thus it means that whatever behavior you expect from your dog, you have to ensure that you provide him with the results he expects. For example, if you want your dog to greet you every time you come home from work, you have to apply positive reinforcement. You should reward him whenever he shows the behavior you wanted performed and thus in this manner, you encourage your dog.
The other behaviors are governed with the aid of negative reinforcement, positive reinforcement, positive punishment, negative punishment and finally extinction. This is the basis of operant conditioning in dog clicker training.
But in order to generate best results, we should club both communication tools, that is, operant conditioning method with classical conditioning. In classical conditioning, the dog gets to associate two things which have no link with each other. The clicker sound is thought as a reward and thus whenever the dog hears the sound; he knows that he has been appreciated for his commendable action or behavior.
How to go ahead with clicker training
In dog clicker training, the objective is to communicate with the dog and to make him understand your requirements and to get to know his aspirations and behavior. For doing so, the best approach is luring him into a behavior. One has to understand that the moment the dog is able to perform an activity; you have to make that click sound. To encourage the dog to perform well in the future as well encouragement plays a vital role. Reinforcing behavior or rewarding behavior is nothing else but the same. Praise the dog or reward him and he will be able to understand the entire communication easily.
Moreover, it has to be understood that generalizing things is also important. Verbal clues and signals have their own importance in clicker training. As the dog gets used to the training, you can gradually remove the clicker and the treat.

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4 MONTH K 9 ADVANTIX Blue (for dogs over 55lbs.)

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