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Question by ♀Ünicandy♀ – There goes my Heart: Why do most people on here equate “Aggression” with “Dominance”?!?
Ive been trying to explain to some people on here that “dominance” (which seems to be a popular explantion for just plain bad behaviour/training at the moment!) does not always equal “aggression”. Everytime I read a question posted on here about “My dog jumps on me/steals food/rags my jeans etc” I could bet my house that at least 2 other people will claim the dog is “dominant” and advise “being a leader – alpha roll, pin the dog etc”. Finally, Ive found a quote from an “academic”(!) that may explain in Laymans Terms, what Ive been trying to get across –
“The blanket assumption that every dog is motivated by some inate desire to control people and other dogs is frankly ridiculous. It hugely underestimates the complex communicative and learning abilities of dogs. It also leads to the use of coercive training techniques, which comprimises welfare, and actuall causes problem behaviours”.
She also goes on to say “Instructing owners to eat before their dog or go through doors first will not influence the dogs overall perception of the relationship and merely teach what to expect in those situations. Much worse, techniques such as pinning, grabbing jowls, blasting hooters will make the dog anxious, often about their owner, and potentially lead to an escalation of aggression”.

When will people stop believeing everything they see on a TV entertainment show and instead learn to TRAIN their dogs themselves? When will people see that “Dominance” is not always a bad thing? Nor that it means their dog is “aggressive”? And also that their dog is just spoilt and untrained, not what they perceive as “dominant” and just needs training!! Right? or Wrong?
I understand about people being on here but not actually knowing that much – but wheres the willingness to learn?! No matter how many times you explain things to them, they’ll still give the same, quite frankly, dangerous advice that could lead to someone being seriously hurt. It doesnt take much just to read a bit and do some research……
Its not always a bad thing. It seems you are going along the lines of “dominant” and “aggression” again. Even in the human world, you have “dominant” people and “submissive” people – if you didnt have the two, you’d have chaos at either end of the scale. You must have both to have a balance. I’m not denying, a dominant dog is a challenge. But its also a dog that can think for itself, without collapsing in a stressful situation (and not always using “aggression” in that situation either) which is needed in many lines of work.
Greekman – I knew this would draw you out!
Thanks for your input everyone, no TDs from me.
Dont Litter – Im confused. A naturally submissive dog cannot change its genetic make-up to become “dominant” just because no-one “steps up to that role”. It may SEEM to take on that role – but it would never actually BE dominant….In fact the stress of having to become “leader” or “alpha” however you want to call it, would surely create a neurotic, weak-nerved fear-aggressive shambles of a dog? Isnt that where most “fear aggressive” dogs problems stem from? As they feel They have to be “leader” and protect the pack – and yet arent stable enough or confident enough to actually take on that stress? In my books, that wouldn’t make a “dominant” dog. A dog is born dominant I thought? Same as we are born male,female etc. If there were no males around, I couldnt change my genes to be male, just because there was a lack of them?

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Answer by ♥ APBT♥ @thletic Allstars®
Most people on here equate “Aggression” with “Dominance because not every one on YA! knows as much about dogs as other people do. If you want an accurate answer, ask a breeder or animal behaviorist don’t get on YA!’s

People shouldn’t listen to everything everyone has to say on YA!’s….Many people are followers of the media cult or Cesar Mellians Methods…

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