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Question by SHELTIELUVER: What is the first level in dog agility and what is the title you want to try to get?
I ordered the book “All About Agility” that should answer all my questions but it’ll take a few weeks for it to come. I know there are different agility organizations like AKC and UKC? Which is the most popular? What is the very first level you enter and what is expected of your dog? My dog is just completing an 8 week course so she has a ways to go. She is awesome at everything and fast but scared of the teeter totter and the dog walk if it’s too high (which I understand takes a while for dogs to get used to). I want to start teaching her weaving which I know she’ll excel at and not worry so much about the teeter totter and dog walk yet. My instructor wants all dogs to repeat the beginner course if they can’t do all the equipment but this frustrates me because she can run the course perfectly if it was just the A frame, hurdles, all tunnels, table, and tire jump. She is a Sheltie. She already has her CD obedience title and is barely a year old. There is an agility (cont’d)
club closer to my class but they don’t offer classes. They do offer open practice. How can I teach my dog weaving? I just have been repeating “weave” and guiding her through with treats. Also, is there a competition called “Jumpers and Weavers”? And I’m well aware that she is too young for competition and she is doing an extremely low jump so she won’t injure her growing body. This instructor also uses the clicker which I hate! She insists I use it and I confuse my dog because I’m always clicking at the wrong time! My dog got through novice obedience without the clicker and I don’t think it’s necessary. Don’t you think the instructor should not make me use it if I’m uncomfortable with it? One more question, what is the best site that explains all the different organizations and their levels and titles in agility? Thanks for any info. you can give!
I also had someone tell me that a dog shouldn’t start agility lessons till it’s over a year but I disagree. I think she thought that I was encouraging her to jump high and she was worried about developing bones!

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Answer by butterflystones
I breed Reg Fawn Boxers. And first of all it has to do with her age. I start my pups off early. Around 3 months. Just letting them play with the course and things like that. But as they age it becomes a job. Since they (Boxers) are in the working group. My Boxers are CKC and if you will go to a website that your pet is reg with. They will have all the information that you need. Even when the agility test are in your state or in your local area. But it takes at lest a yr to train your K-9 for the agility. But as you have stated she is already yr old. So I think its time to bulid her brain power with new courses. P.S

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Breeding The Miniature Pinscher Responsibly

Breeding The Miniature Pinscher Responsibly

There are many dog pregnancies that could be called “accidental.” In other words, maybe the dog owners are unaware of or unconcerned about their dogs breeding habits. When one wishes to “breed” a dog to properly benefit the breed, such as the Min Pin, one should choose a breeder who is well aware of and experienced in managing the process. A good breeder will be able to properly match a pair for continuation of the breed and the special needs of the small Min Pin during a pregnancy.

A female Min Pin (bitch) should not be younger than two and a half years when it has its first pregnancy. Actually, there are medical tests needed prior to breeding that cannot be done until the Min Pin is at least two and one half. If a Min Pin becomes pregnant before the pelvis is sufficiently developed, there can be problems for both mother dog and her litter. Because the Min Pin is so small, it often requires delivery of its litter via C-section which is a surgical procedure.

As with any pregnant female, the pregnant Min Pin will have some prenatal care needs during the typical two month long pregnancy. The vet will provide information on the feeding needs of the Min Pin during the period of gestation. When the time for delivery gets close, taking the dog’s temperature can indicate that labor is imminent. Also, the owner may observe some behavioral changes. These might include the Min Pin needing to have her own space more often or it could be the opposite behavior of becoming more “needy” of the owners attention. The Min Pin may also stop eating. The owner should prepare a comfortable “birthing” area in some place that is free from a lot of the usual family activity. The dog’s vet should also be alerted that the litter is due in order to be ready in case of an emergency.

After the litter is delivered, there will need to be special care for the Min Pin diet as she nourishes her pups. Actually, there are special diets for a dog that is nursing a litter. The Min Pin owner needs to know that, even though the nursing diets are fed several times daily, mama Min Pin may still need some assistance. The owner can assist by giving feeding every 2 hours for about 2 weeks.

This article was written by John Jackson and has been contributed by For more information on the Miniature Pinscher, please visit our page

Dog Car Seat Lookout

Dog Car Seat Lookout

  • Color: Black
  • Size: 8″H x 8″W x 15″D

Unlike traditional pet booster seats, this console lookout allows a passenger to sit up front, and lets your pet enjoy a safe, comfortable seat within hand’s reach of both driver and passenger. Lookout attaches securely to the console, and has a safety strap that can be attached to your pet’s harness. Made with firm yet comfortable foam, a quilted nylon cover and soft, sherpa fleece lining. Cover is machine-washable and dryable. Available in two sizes, to accommodate even the smallest animals. S

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List Price: $ 35.95

Price: $ 27.75

COD5Wii Team Deathmatch 61 (Castle 9 | Scoped Arisaka)

Throughout the match I meant to switch out my Sniper class for my Rifle Class (which has the STG-44) but the circumstances of the match threw me off. The beginning to middle of this video is a serious “WTF” moment. I had a personal grudge to settle with the Dubey guy, who is a lvl 36 non-prestige. Knifing him was the only way to get revenge. I fail so much in trying to kill him. When I did kill him, it didn’t make me feel any better. You know what did though? The dog chains. Our score was off to a poor start, but suddenly we pulled through the match and I’m like “Wow… how’d we do that again?” This happened once in my other video (Dome w/ the Type99) and it happens again here! I start off with a poor score and the dogs dragged my score up. 25 kills to 11 deaths. That’s pretty bad, but still, getting dogs twice for our team calmed me down from getting so pissed off. I got another set of dogs, but time was running out and I summoned my artillery strike nearing the last minute, ensuring that I’d get kills AND dogs but have no chance of calling them in afterwards.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Question by Hazel86: If you know a lot about quality dog food and/or feed a grain free diet, I’d like to hear your opinion?
Okay, I work at a pet store that sells high quality and grain free foods such as taste of the wild, merrick, wellness, eagle holistic, evolve, nature’s variety, wysong, halo, etc. Well, today at work, I was reading an article about a new line of food we will be carrying from wysong called “Wysong Epigen” (it’s a dry dog and cat food), and the article is titled “Starch free vs. Grain free”. Here is the article: (ps – in your response to the article, I don’t want to hear you advocating raw food, I don’t care, all I want opinions on is the commercial dry foods, thanks)

“Starch is the fundamental problem is all kibble pet foods. “Epigen” is the first kibble pet food absent of this unnatural (to carnivorous pets) sugar source (starch is simply a polysugar). Grain free products have merely replaced grain with other, less healthy starches such as potatoes, peas, and tapioca. This solves nothing. It only creates a perception of benefit that, according to scientific studies, is not true. Starch is starch, whether it’s from potatoes and tapioca, or corn and wheat.

Starch-free Epigen represents a true first, and is an honest, natural, and healthy product. Grain free diets are marketed as “new”, “more natural” “more wild”, “just like raw” and “more meat”. All such claims are false and misleading.

Starch-free Epigen replaces the starch ingredients with proteins (the carnivore’s main requirement) and a wide spectrum of essential nutrients. Grain free products are not only laden with starches, they are nutritionally inferior. Moreover, studies have shown that by replacing grain starches with other forms. beneficial probiotics are decreased and pathogenic bacteria are increased.

Grain free products have only been falsely promoted as more akin to what dogs and cats would eat in the wild. Grain free diets have no science behind them and solve no health problems because they contain the same problematic starch that has been in all pet foods since the beginning. They do, however, create an illusion of benefit and uniqueness, but that only justifies an inflated price. What has driven grain free is marketing industry trending, hype, and profiteering.”

I am not a fan of this article. I have switched many people’s dogs with skin issues to grain free foods and have had GREAT feedback from most, and my dog is on Taste of the Wild, and his mild dry skin has disappeared. Do you agree with this article, or do you think it’s just marketing on Wysong’s part? thanks for reading.
we are not about marketing. We care about the foods for the pet. This is simply something that was faxed to us by Wysong company. I DO NOT like what they are saying, and I promote grain free feeding, and I feel as though this article does nothing buy bash it..

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Answer by Katie
We feed our dog ChoiceOne Meijer brand food and and water!!

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