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Question by vanessa f: in this sentence what is the verb ” the man was taking his dog to obedience school”?

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Answer by Jenn

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Nice “dog Lovers” photos

Some cool dog lovers images:

Dog Lovers!

Image by djdau
These are cute signs, but if everybody picked up after their dogs, there there would be no need for these types of signs. This house was right across from the Giraffe house, which had all sorts of animals, which might b why….

Attn: Dog Lovers visiting Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India (YOU have to be discreet)

Image by gopal1035
The above civic administration board in hindi reads


Feeding monkeys and other stray animals ON PUBLIC PLACES is forbidden. Violators may be fined Indian Rupees500/-

By order:
Municipal Corporation, Shimla"

My suggestion to fellow dog-lovers, just be discreet 😉

Firefighter and Dog Lover

Image by WAstateDNR – Department of Natural Resources
Shannon Clark, NW Region ‘Forester, Wildland Firefighter, dog lover’ [Photo taken at Onion Creek Fire, Colville, August 2006] Photo: DNR/Danette Carden.

Q&A: Any dog bakeries in Seattle?

Question by Fok Fok: Any dog bakeries in Seattle?
Any dog bakeries in Seattle?
I wonder if Seattle has dog bakeries? Since three dog bakery has been closed, I have to look for another dog bakery for mine. However, I have no ideas about it, and my dog’s birthday is coming. I want to buy him a birthday cake. Many of those “dog bakeries” are only selling the things like cookies, but no cakes!

any ideas? thanks

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Answer by Reanne
Le Marcel has cakes for dogs. It’s on 1st Ave in Downtown

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