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Personal Journey: Lucky dog! A vacation treat

Personal Journey: Lucky dog! A vacation treat
I recently returned home from an idyllic vacation in Vermont with my adopted dog Butch – the perfect traveling companion. He’s happy all the time and never complains, even when I make a wrong turn.
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‘Lucky Dog’ Races Through BART Tunnels
A black, 10-pound poodle managed to bring BART to its knees this morning, as it ran wild through the tunnels, snarled rush hour service, and, so far as anyone can tell, got away clean. Th…
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Cute Dog Pictures

This a slideshow I put together. These are my two adorable dogs, Sandi and Scamp. I made this using Microsoft Powerpoint. The song is “Piano Content”, and I made it on Mario Paint Composer. I wrote it myself. Please comment, rate, and subscribe!

Dog Diabetes: What Your Dog Can And Can?t Eat

Dog Diabetes: What Your Dog Can And Can?t Eat

Dog Diabetes: What Your Dog Can And Can’t Eat

The vet has probably explained a lot of things to you in regards to your dog’s condition. Almost certainly, he has told you about treatment options, warning signs, and any other relevant information regarding canine diabetes. Sure enough, he has also mentioned lifestyle changes in order for your dog to remain healthy.

Along with this, you should be given a list of diabetic dog food products and a weight management program that you should follow. However, if diabetic dog food is unavailable, or you simply refuse to feed your pet anything that comes out of a can or a box, then you can always concoct your own recipe. Just take note of certain Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to what you should feed your dog. However, be sure to consult with the vet first before feeding your dog any food that he has not included in his list.

What Your Dog Can Eat

Meat with low fat content: This should include turkey, fish, chicken, and eggs. Fatty foods will only cause further complications to your dog’s delicate condition.

-Fruits and vegetables: Fresh ones are better, but do not feed in excess. Fruits and vegetables contain natural sugars and are very nutritious, but make sure to avoid raisins and grapes.

-Grains: Your dog needs fiber to manage insulin level. Brown rice, oats, and millet are great for him so you should include this in his daily diet plan.

-Brewer’s Yeast: This ingredient has a component called ‘glucose tolerance factor’ that is very helpful in managing blood sugar.

What Your Dog Can’t Eat

Anything baked: Baked goods contain processed sugars which will certainly increase sugar levels in the blood. As you know, excess glucose level in the blood is never good.

-Fatty food: You do not want your dog to gain more weight so make sure to remove fatty food from his diet. He cannot eat pork and beef. This also means that while he can eat chicken, you should peel off the chicken skin as this is rich in cholesterol. However, fish oil is perfectly fine.

-Sugar: Well, this needs no further explanation. Commercial or processed sugar is bad for your dog, period.

These are the list of food or food components that your dog can and cannot eat. Be sure to put these in mind and stick to it in order to help your diabetic dog stay strong and healthy.

Read more about diabetes in dogs, understanding your dog’s blood glucose levels and symptoms of diabetes in dogs at DiabetesInDogsGuide.Com. – Diabetes in dogs is increasingly common. This condition can severely affect a dog’s health and quality of life. Learn about dog diabetes and how to treat it.
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Jack and Cali Intelligence test

Jack and Cali doing the dog “intelligence test” They say a dog is smart if they can get the towel off their head in 5 seconds or less… Jack is up first, and then Cali finishes the clip off showing just how much smarter she is.

What Is The Best Dog Food For Puppies – Dog Food Dangers

What Is The Best Dog Food For Puppies – Dog Food Dangers

Your puppy is so important that it also needs special care. We search for the best name to give your puppy up to the best food to feed him. Well, one of the most essential is choosing the right food for your dog. He needs to be nourished with the right types of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, to ensure that he doesn’t get sick and eventually die.

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What is the best dog food for puppies? You must focus mainly on health, vitality and longevity of your dogs in looking for the best dog food. Here are some information on what dog food to choose.

The commercial dog food includes the packaged foods you find at your local supermarket, pet store or veterinarian. Commercial dog food is available in dry, semi dry and wet (canned). All the big names that we know so well are represented in this group. The raw dog food is growing in popularity. It includes the raw dog food and bones you prepare or pre-packaged diets. The homemade dog food is anything that you prepare at home for your dog.

The age of your puppy will basically tell you how much vitamins or minerals he needs. Your puppy may need more vitamin D than adult dogs. He may require more calcium since he needs to strengthen his bones. The weight of your puppy will also help you judge the best dog food for him. One clear example is protein. It’s important that every dog food will have crude protein. It is the main source of amino acids, which are needed for proper enzyme function. It gives them more muscles and is important for regeneration of new cells, as well as cellular repair.

The protein requirements of dogs vary from one dog to another. Dogs with higher weight needs higher amount of protein. A smaller dog or a puppy will need lower amount of protein.

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This author writes about Natural Healthy Dog Food and Dog Food Dangers.

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Dogs Singing the Hey Song

Dogs Singing the Hey Song

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