Dog Crate Training For Your Pet Dogs

When you have new pet dogs or puppies, you have to train them on how to use the crate. There are few very handy tips that you can use or apply. For most experts, dog crate training is done for the best interest of your new pet dogs or puppies. This task is very simple and easy as long as you are consistent with how you do it. The key is being consistent with your new pet or puppies. It will be beneficial for your dog transport when you travel.

But then what is a dog crate? It is a cage made of wire or molded plastic. The purpose is to provide confinement for reasons of safety, security, housebreaking, and protection of household goods. It is also use for their travel and when they are ill or sick. At first you may think that it is inhumane and being mean to your pet dogs or puppies. During the first time you will use it, it might cause your pet dogs to resent the crate and you. However, pet dogs view things differently so no need to worry.

Initially, you might see him or her resenting to the idea of being caged. But if you are consistent with him or her, you will eventually convince them. Treat this undertaking as some sort of a game between you and your puppy. This way it will be fun for you as well as your pet dogs.

There are few easy steps that can be very beneficial for you in dog crate training. You can find a lot of tips about crate training online if you want some comprehensive steps on dog crate training. However this few steps will definitely help you.

For starters, it is a good idea to put their most favourite play toy or toys inside the crate. At first he or she may resent the idea of being caged but just ignore it

Walk away for 10 to 15 seconds and listen if he or she starts crying or barking. And then return and if they behave or have been quiet, talk to them and praise your pet for doing so well. You can also make dog treat available for extra praise and reward purposes. Always try to go and see the puppy once in a while until it get accustomed to you not being around. And soon your dog will realized that staying quiet in a crate is rewarding.

Once your puppy or pet dogs are used to the routine, you can start to cut back on your visitation and treat rewards. Puppy and dogs crate training is not difficult if it is done the right way and consistently.

On the initial stages of the training, do not let them stay too long on the crate. Always make sure too, that whenever you got home, let them out to urinate and relax. It will be rewarding for both you and pet dogs once they are used to the crate.

Always remember to ensure that your pet dogs and puppies have access to food and water while they are in the crate. And make sure they have enough water while you are away.

Once your pet dogs or puppies are well trained to be in a crate, you will not have any problem travelling with your pets. Dog crate training is very essential for your dog transport purposes as well as when you put them on a transport dog crates.

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