Three Reasons True Dog Lovers Are Flocking To This Dog Lovers Dating Site

Since starting the world’s first dog lovers dating site three years ago, Derek Collinson has witnessed a huge increase in membership. Why then do thousands of dog lovers join this niche site instead of the large general dating sites? Derek believes there are three main reasons Firstly only a dog lover knows what it’s like to love a dog. To real dog lovers their dog is a member of the family, often regarded as one of their children and in fact for some dog owners especially ones who don’t have children it is their child. Non dog lovers just cannot understand this – although they may like dogs their affection falls short of love. And probably think dog lovers at best quirky and at worst barking mad! This does not bode well for a healthy relationship and could perhaps be compared to trying to form one with someone who is not prepared to accept children from a previous relationship. Most dog lovers are not prepared to compromise and for them it’s a case of love me love my dog so clearly this kind of match is bound to end in tears or worse still a divorce should the warning signs be ignored and a dog lover ends up marrying someone who is not! Secondly non dog lovers are not prepared for the cost and the commitment involved in dog ownership. The cost and commitment involved in dog ownership are considerable. Apart from veterinary bills which themselves are considerable, there is the cost of food and to cap it all there can be the cost of replacing chewed shoes, spectacles, furniture and food items such as the turkey on Thanksgiving Day that was destined for the table and ends up in Fido’s stomach!!! In addition there is the cost of boarding kennels or a dog sitter every time the dog has to be left for more than half a day. In fact the American Pet Product Manufacturers estimate the annual cost of dog ownership is from 0 – 00 (from smallest dog breeds to the largest dog breeds) and that excludes the cost of replacing destroyed household and personal items! Add to this the commitment of taking them for walks every day, cleaning up the mess during a bout of sickness or diarrhea (as every dog owner knows these bouts can be fairly frequent), grooming them and taking them on vacation because their owner can’t bear to leave them for two or three weeks and you’ve got several real deal breakers for a non dog lover! And finally the patently obvious – many dog lovers have already tried the large general dating sites and have failed to fetch a soul mate who loves dogs. Just because a site has a zillion members doesn’t mean they are going to find lots of single dog lovers. After all some dog lovers may not declare their love of dogs in case they put non dog lovers off! And whilst many people will tell you they like dogs or don’t dislike dogs few will openly declare their love for dogs. This is especially true of men who view any kind of declaration of love as a feminine characteristic usually to be observed when a woman is cooing over a baby or a dog but certainly not the kind of thing that a full blooded male would willingly show! So looking for dog lovers on the large general dating sites can be a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack! The fact is birds of a feather flock together and there can be no better proof of this than the hundreds of burgeoning special interest dating sites available today – gays, bikers, vegetarians, Goths, tattooed people and wine lovers to name but a few are well catered for by these niche dating sites. So it’s hardly surprising that this dog lovers dating site has become so popular and why being a dog lover (rather than someone who likes or doesn’t dislike dogs) is mandatory for membership of offers people who love dogs an opportunity to meet online. And from around the world provides breaking news, entertaining stories and the latest information about dating and dogs. founder, Derek Collinson said “Only dog lovers really understand what it’s like to love dogs and it’s important for them to be able to share that passion with the person they love and their friends. Although there are many dating sites out there the chances of finding a fellow dog lover they like are pretty slim!” Born and brought up in Scotland but now living in the Yorkshire Wolds. Derek Collinson now shares his life with Findlay (A Spinone) and Florence and Serena(a Pointer and a cross breed from Limerick Animal Rescue). Derek looks forward to welcoming all dog lovers to “All dog lovers are invited to join us here and you don’t have to own a dog just love them.”

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