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Christmas for Your Dog


Dogs are man’s best friend. When you feel like the world is against you, you can count on your playful pup to lift your spirits. No matter what happens, Fido will greet you with a wagging tail and offer his affection. Pets become key members in the family. So doesn’t your canine family member deserve to get in on the holiday festivities?

Special delivery
One of the most popular and easiest ways to get the hounds involved with family tradition around Christmas is to include them in your holiday greeting cards. Special order Christmas cards with a family photo, including your barking buddy. Or, if your dog loves the spotlight, feature a card with your pet’s portrait. If your pooch is posh, jazz up his attire with festive doggie duds or a Santa hat.

When family and friends receive your greeting, they will be amused by your dog’s holiday spirit. Christmas cards are meant to be “from our home to yours,” and your beloved dog is a key component to your home. Include him in your family greeting cards so your recipients get a warm holiday greeting from the entire family.

Christmas treats
Cookies, gingerbread, candy canes, chocolates and candies – Christmas time satisfies a sweet tooth with all its tasty treats. We get to indulge around the holidays, and so should our pets.

Break up the boring milk bones your dog gets every day with holiday goodies that will get his tail wagging. Use holiday-shaped cookie cutters to cut festive shapes from your dog biscuit recipes. Or, purchase Christmas-themed doggie treats from your local dog bakery or pet shop. Even though they may not know it’s a Christmas treat, they will still excited, adding just a little more fun to the holiday season. Dogs notice their special desserts. Reward your dog for a year of being good (or, somewhat good) with a holiday indulgence.

Save mantle space for your pup
A canine Christmas stocking is a fun way to display your love for your pooch. Any stocking can be personalized with a dog’s name, and many stockings are designed specifically for dogs, with paw-print themes or portraits of your dog’s breed. Your mantle may be a bit more crowded, but your dog’s devotion earned that space.

When Santa comes to town
If your dog has a stocking, Santa wouldn’t dare leave it empty on Christmas Eve. Fill your furry friend’s stocking with toys and treats to enjoy on Christmas morning. Or, wrap up a present for your pup. He sees everyone else opening packages, so why shouldn’t he get his own? You may have to help him with the unwrapping, but as soon as he gets into his prize, his tail will be wagging with delight. As everyone else opens their gifts, your dog will be in puppy heaven playing with a plethora of new toys of his own.

Don’t make your pet watch with jealousy as the rest of the family opens their packages. Let him in on the fun by spoiling him with his own deliveries from Santa. Santa’s workshop has a doggie department – make sure he doesn’t forget your cherished pet on Christmas.

Include every member of your family, including the furry ones, in your holiday festivities. Devoting special holiday attention to your dog only adds to the fun of the season. Your dog will relish being extra spoiled, and your Christmas spirit will be brightened by his smiling chops and swinging tail. This year, have a very merry canine Christmas.


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Question by Katslookup – a Fostering Fool!: Please explain why so many people are uneducated when it comes to their pets?
I see many questions on “natural remedies” for fleas. Or, where can I get Sevin dust to treat my dog for fleas, or similar questions.

Is it really that hard to research the SAFE and EFFECTIVE ways to treat for fleas?

I have worked in the pest control industry for over 10 years, including owning my own company for the past 4 years. I own 5 dogs and 4 cats, and guess what…..NONE of my animals have fleas. I did the research on how to treat the house, yard, and pets safely.

I did the research and it didn’t kill me! Why can’t others do this? Why does it seem so hard for people to accept that you MUST use at least some type of pesticide to control a flea infestation. (Sorry, folks, but it is a must!)

I really want your opinions on why people don’t do the research. Why don’t people check out the validity of the information that they are given? Do people really just not understand how dangerous some of these “treatments” out there are deadly?

What do you think?

Best answer:

Answer by Kim
People are lazy.. and instead of calling up people like you who are professionals, or looking else where at a reliable resource. They’d rather just listen to what information was given to them instead of actually checking it out…

Laziness… It comes down to that!

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Q&A: Joke: The Guide Dogs?

Question by I Am Me!: Joke: The Guide Dogs?
Two guys are out walking their dogs. They decide to get a spot of lunch so head for a fancy hotel, however they notice a sign on the door saying “No dogs (guide dogs excepted)”.

“Don’t worry” says the first guy “if we put on Sunglasses we can pretend to be blind, then they’ll HAVE to let us in. So he puts on his sunglasses and walks up to the door. “I’m sorry sir” says the doorman “we don’t allow dogs in here.” “Oh no” says the first guy “this is a guide dog.” The doorman looks down at the dog (a beagle) and asks “A BEAGLE, sir?” “Yes, they’re fantastic” says the guy, and the doorman lets him in.

The second guy is impressed by his friend’s performance and decides to give it a try. He puts on his dark glasses and walks up to the door. “I’m sorry sir” says the doorman “we don’t allow dogs in here.” “Oh no” says the first guy “this is a guide dog.” The doorman looks down at the dog (a poodle) and asks “A POODLE, sir?” The guy looks shocked and says “Those BASTARDS! I can’t believe they gave me a f***ing POODLE!”

Best answer:

Answer by Just me 🙂
So did he get in?

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Nice “super Dog” photos

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Charlie, the super dog. By day, a fun-loving dog who has too much energy. By night, a sock stealing ninja dog who places various items in corners.

Super Dog 001

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Super Dog tries to fly.

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