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The Radial-Shape Wireless Electric Dog Fence from Havahart Wireless Provides the Largest Roaming Area of Any Circular-Shaped Dog Fence

The Radial-Shape Wireless Electric Dog Fence from Havahart Wireless Provides the Largest Roaming Area of Any Circular-Shaped Dog Fence

Introducing The Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Wireless Electric Dog Fence

Lititz, PA (Vocus) June 22, 2010

Based on more than eight years of research and development, the Radial-Shape Wireless Electric Dog Fence creates a circular-shaped boundary that can extend from 40 to 400 feet in all directions from the system’s Controller base. “This is the world’s first digital wireless dog fence to provide a Roaming Area with a radius of up to 400 feet,” stated Rian Sweeney, the Marketing Associate on the Havahart® Wireless brand for parent company, Woodstream Corporation. “That’s about 11.5 acres and close to 20 times more Roaming Area than provided by the leading brand.”

With a touch of the digital Controller, users can easily set the exact distance of their fence boundary and customize correction levels for up to two Collars. The system comes with one dog Collar that communicates continuously with the Controller to track the distance to the dog. “What really sets our system apart from competitors is our patent pending time-of-flight ranging technology which allows a signal to travel from the Controller to the Collar and back at the speed of light,” said Mr. Sweeney. “Time-of-flight enables the system to track the real-time distance to the Collar. If a dog wanders out of the Roaming Area, the Controller alerts the owner and the Collar delivers a correction.”

With a safety shut-off for the correction cycle included as a standard feature, Havahart® Wireless made dog safety a top priority. The system also has a wider Trigger Zone that is specifically designed to keep dogs safe inside the Roaming Area and away from danger. With one tone only and five different static correction levels, a user can choose the correction level that is best for his dog. The correction cycle persists until the dog returns back inside the Roaming Area or until the safety shut-off feature activates after 30 seconds. Unlike an underground wire fence, the Radial-Shape Wireless Electric Dog Fence will not correct a dog for returning back into the Roaming Area.

The comfortable, waterproof Collar houses a custom rechargeable battery, two connection probes and a state-of-the-art radio transceiver with advanced antenna assembly. Because the Collar is motion activated, it will conserve battery life when your dog is not moving.

The Radial-Shape Wireless Electric Dog Fence from Havahart® Wireless is available for $ 349 and comes with removable wall mount adhesive strips, instructional DVD, collar tester, battery charger, rechargeable batteries, training flags and more.

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About Havahart® Wireless

After more than 8 years of research and development and numerous patents, Havahart® Wireless and its partners successfully developed the latest generation in wireless dog fence technology with an instant circular dog fence that expands up to a 400 foot radius and the world’s first wireless dog fence that shapes to any yard. Both systems are designed to address the consumer’s need for a reliable, user-friendly, economical fencing solution capable of providing an extended dog roaming area not found in the industry today.

Pioneering Accomplishments:

The first circular-shaped digital wireless electric dog fence with a Roaming Area of up to a 400 foot radius.
Enhancement of nanoLOC TRX 2.4Ghz transceiver chipset via complex algorithms, modular signal amplification and strategic distortion filtering.
Patent pending time-of-flight ranging technology tracks the real-time distance of up to 2 dogs.

Havahart® Wireless is a registered trade mark of Woodstream Corp.

About Woodstream Corp.

Woodstream Corporation is a long-standing, privately held company and a leading manufacturer and marketer of quality-branded wild bird feeders, rodent control products, caring control products for pets and wildlife, decorative garden accents & natural solutions for lawn and gardens.


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Q&A: Help my dog has constipation! What do you advice?

Question by Edgar: Help my dog has constipation! What do you advice?
Well this problem with my dog began today, does anybody have any advice on what could help my dog with this problem, or avoid it from continuing?
“Medicine,” “Vitamins,” and “Take him to the vet” are not some of the answers I’m looking for, I have taken that into consideration but I dont have the money to do so at this moment. I’m trying to see if anybody knows some type of food or liquid that could help him.
I appreciate your help, Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by puppydawg93
bran look it up on (energy saving google)

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Dog released from hospital; doing well

Dog released from hospital; doing well
The dog found last Thursday with an arrow through its abdomen near Godfrey has been released from Hawthorne Animal Hospital in Glen Carbon.
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Walking the dog
It sounds like a bad joke: a MEPA official, two DEP guys, an engineer and a cranberry farmer went for a walk. But White Dog Cranberry’s application to use nearly 200,000 gallons of groundwater a day is serious business.
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25 Popular Dog Breeds List Video – 25 popular dog breeds
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How can you fatten up a skinny dog that barely eats?

Question by Wake N Bake Girl: How can you fatten up a skinny dog that barely eats?
I recently adopted a little Chihuahua from a really horrible shelter. He’s sooo skinny. The vet says hes a 4 on a scale of 1-10. I assume he just didnt eat when he was in the shelter because of depression and such, but he seems EXTREMELY happy and grateful to be in my home and LOVES me to pieces [as i do him], and he still barely eats. i will not feed him wet food, but im open to a combination of “people food” as well as his premium small bites. i do not want him to be accustomed to people food, unless its okay [in moderation and variation of course]. so far the suggestions i have got from other dog owners is ground beef mixed with rice mixed in his dry food, scrambled eggs mix with his dog food, and doggy friendly gravy mixed with his food…..any other ideas?

he needs to gain at least 2lbs, he’s so f’in skinny i just cant stand it….please help me make my skinny taco a fat ass burritoooo!!!!!
i should have clarified, hes perfectly healthy so far. he’s had a check up, and the vet told me to give him wet dog food. the reason i dont want to give him wet dog food is because it just cakes on his teeth ;]
healthy = no heartworm, parasites [fecal test performed], up to date on vaccinations etc. a week before i got him, he visited the shelter’s vet and the day i got him we saw my vet.

Best answer:

Answer by Patricia T
why don’t you ask the vet what is the best food to give your dog. – the vet might be able to suggest something

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Cuddle You Dog and Cat To Keep Them Healthy

Cuddle your Dog and Cat to Keep Them Healthy

Pets are a big part of our lives whether its a dog, cat, bird, fish, hamster or lizard they are part of our day to day life. Just like our health and our families health we must take care of our pets health too. They can't tell us when they are sick or hurting we have to figure that out without words from our pet.

How can you tell your pet is sick? For dogs and cats it would be a touch to their nose to see if it is cold and wet. If it is not cold and wet your pet may be sick. But sometimes even if their nose is cold and wet they may not be feeling good. Like humans pets can feel down and just want to lay around more than usual. Sometimes they will go off by themselves if they don't feel good, they can't always tell us what is wrong.

It may not always be they are sick when they get moppy, it may be there was a change with something in the house, someone moved in or out, someone is sick, someone has passed away or change in their pet food that has caused their depression. It is important for you the pet owner to figure out what the change was so you can help your pet deal with the change.

Pets feel everything we feel, if we are happy or sad they feel it, if we are sick they have that keen sense and know we are sick and want to cuddle us to help us feel better. Many people also are in-sync with their pets and know when they are feeling down and need cuddling time.

Sometimes cuddling does not help and our pets need more from us, such as a trip to the vet. A vet will check your pet out and may even do blood work to determine what is the problem. A vet may even recommend switching your dog or cat to a natural food or may give you medicine for them to take.

Like humans we can use natural pet supplements or vitamins for your dogs and cats to help keep them healthy. Even changing out their food to an organic or natural pet food made with vegetables can make them healthier and happier. Always check with your vet before adding vitamins or supplements to your pets diet.

Check out our great selection of pet health supplements, vitamins, foods and toys for your favorite pet,

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