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Can I “teach an old dog new tricks” ?

Question by _..<<33-: Can I “teach an old dog new tricks” ?
I have a female 14 year old westie (west hiland white terrier) dog. I was wondering if at her age, I could teach her some tricks. Only thing is, she’s gone deaf recently of her old age. Any possible way I could try teaching her simple commands such as “roll over” or even “shake” ?

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I would skip “roll over” because she may be stiff and sore at her age, but she can easily be taught “shake” and other behaviors at her age! Use clicker training and it’s fun for everyone.

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Tuff Kitty runs for President

Long Beach, CA (PRWEB) August 20, 2004

Tuff Kitty runs for President

Tuff Kitty, the little black cat with big cat attitude is running for president. After careful inspection of the litter boxes belonging to our current candidates, Tuff Kitty has decided (after much encouragement from supporters) that the only solution to this stinky mess is to run for office. The campaign will be headquartered at Tuff Kitty Designs in Southern California.

“Both sides have been sniffing too much catnip” says Tuff Kitty. Having started out as just a cartoon scribbled on a restaurant napkin, Tuff Kitty knows how it feels to come from small beginnings. Standing for such causes as government subsidized veterinary services for cats, higher taxes for families with one or more dogs, cat food vouchers, and mandatory dog neutering, Tuff Kitty has become the underdog (or we should say “cat”) for the overworked, the misunderstood, and the unappreciated. Tuff Kitty stands as a beacon of hope rising from the litterbox of felines and their human slaves everywhere.

So get out and vote.

For the whole scoop visit Tuff Kitty Headquarters at

Official “Tuff Kitty for President” gear is also available at:

Holiday Dog Gift Bag! – Heidi’s Homemade Holiday Dog Treats

  • Great doggie holiday gift!
  • Comes in Frost Colored Bag, with Paw Print and Red Tissue Paper
  • Includes two 8 oz bags of Heidi’s organic dog treats!
  • Includes an adorable plush squeaky toy your dog will love!
  • No preservatives, sugars, or by-products. Local Ingredients

The perfect package for the perfect pup!

This adorable gift bag contains two 8 oz Certified-organic treat bags (Santa Snack Sack & Hypoallergenic variety), and a plush squeaky toy.

Toys may vary.

Price: $ 19.95

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Sick Dog – Guard

Live @ Raja Kultuurimaja 2006
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Top Rated Dog Food, Worth of One More Bite

Top Rated Dog Food, Worth of One More Bite

Have you ever scrutinized the ingredients in a commercial dog food promoted on national TV and consider if those were healthy or not? Some of dog foods on hand are so highly processed and contain extra preservatives. Like eating potato chips for humans, they aren’t doing any better for our dogs. Dog food should prove that it can provide all the nutrients needed by your ever dearest pet. So, check if the dog food you shop at is top rated dog food.

The well-being of your dog should be one of your top priorities and you would not disagree that you also like to save money on the vet bills. Opposing to the popular belief, just any dog food will do, people often neglect the importance of choosing the top rated dog food for the improvement of your pet’s health.

You might questioned the legitimacy of dog ratings and reviews found in the Internet, but as a dog owner, you want to go out of your way and try anything that will ensure the best quality care for dog. So, checking and exerting some effort to see some reviews and dog food ratings are so beneficial.

You could go for commercial dog food, however many will suggest to choose home made dog food since you have the chance to pick and prepare the food yourself. So, you should be on the ball about dog’s diet through reading some dog food ratings and reviews.

Easy step to care of your dog’s health is giving him fresh water and quality food at all times. In spite of common and misleading beliefs, all brand of dog food are not created in the same way as the other top rated dog food do.

When choosing dog food, check the ingredients on the package. Consider if the label states that it contain ‘human grade’ to ensure that this meet the high quality criteria. This means, that the meat in it is also suitable for human consumption. Unfortunately, most of the dog foods available out there are not ‘human grade’, that’s why very few are included on top rated dog food list.

Choosing between top rated dog foods can be a difficult task, as they often seem highly regarded and thus trustworthy. In this case, a good indicator whether you’re dealing with quality food or not, is whether the ingredients are carefully explained on the packaging.

Never buy grocery store-food that does not contain any nutritional information on it, it could prove damaging for your dog.

Many commercial dog foods are filled with corn gluten meal, corn meal and such just to cut down the costs of production. These ingredients are not healthy in any way for your dog.

Most top rated dog food includes major ingredients such as vegetables, meat-based proteins and whole grains. Foods rich in stated above “bad” ingredients can lead to serious health problems.

Feeding your dog with top rated dog food might cost you a lot, but will be cheaper in the end, prior to all the expensive medicine, vet’s professional fee and operations when your dog’s health become worse.

Providing your dog with your chosen top rated dog food is worth a single or more bites of your dog. Making him contented and healthy should be your top priority since this is one of the most important factors of dog care. You should never go for something that will compromise your dog’s health. Take time to read reviews and ratings to see which of those dog food brands meet the qualifications to gain status of top rated dog food in town.

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