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Dog Training: Secrets To Fixing Any Dog Problem

(PRWEB) May 10, 2006

It is estimated that 93% of all “professional” dog trainers don’t really know what they’re doing. And the other 7% charge hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Adam G. Katz’s new book “Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer” covers all the important information. His advice saves the reader time and money, not to mention sparing a dog lots of stress.

“If you’re not using the right dog training techniques, you’re probably wasting hundreds of hours per year. Not to mention missing out on some of the joys of owning a well trained dog.” says Adam.

His training program works on any breed of dog – even the toughest breeds like Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Akitas, Chows, Terriers, Greyhounds, Huskies. His slogan is, “We Can Train Any Dog!”

“Once you understand how to use the same dog training equipment and techniques that I use, you’ll realize that you don’t need muscle, strength, expert timing or “intuitive” sense of dog language to get amazing results.”

Adam covers all three categories of training a dog: fixing dog problems, tips and secrets to use in everyday training, and buying and raising a new puppy or older dog.

It doesn’t matter if a dog is an old one or a young one, the information is, in some cases, shocking!

His techniques use no “violence”, no hitting and no abuse. He doesn’t put up with that kind of nonsense.

The training program contains the results of years of research and is packed with pages of pure dynamite. All of his tips, techniques and secrets are revealed in a step-by-step, easy to understand format. This info-product is one-of-a-kind and not found in any bookstores.

For more information on Adam’s dog training program please visit:


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Thundershirt Company Partners with The Humane Society of the United States This Holiday Season

Thundershirt Company Partners with The Humane Society of the United States This Holiday Season

Durham, NC (PRWEB) December 13, 2010

Thundershirt Company and the nation’s largest animal protection organization, The Humane Society of the United States, are partnering to give the gift of peace this holiday season. The dog-friendly company is donating thousands of Thundershirts, a proven solution to ease anxiety in dogs, to shelters across the U.S. throughout the month of December. For every Thundershirt purchased at using the coupon code “SHELTER”, the company will donate a Thundershirt to a shelter of the customer’s choice.

More than 15 million dogs in the U.S. suffer from some form of anxiety, which can result from noise, separation, traveling, strangers or many other factors.

“Many dogs that suffer from anxiety are abandoned, and even for dogs that are not otherwise anxious, a shelter is an extremely stressful environment for them,” said Phil Blizzard, founder of Thundershirt Company. “We strive to bring relief to the millions of dogs that suffer from anxiety, and are proud to support dogs in shelters nationwide for the holidays.”

Thundershirt’s patent-pending design is a pressure wrap that applies constant, yet gentle, pressure on dogs’ torsos, creating a hugging sensation. Many anxiety experts suggest that pressure has a calming effect on the nervous system and has been used to successfully reduce anxiety for many years. More than 80 percent of dog owners who have tried Thundershirt report significant improvement in their pets’ anxiety problems – most stating that it worked within the first few minutes of wearing.

Thundershirt Company has now helped tens of thousands of dogs through sales to dog owners, dog trainers and veterinarians around the world. Help support dogs at your local shelter by purchasing a Thundershirt today.

For more information about the product, before and after videos and customer testimonials, please visit or the Thundershirt Facebook page at

About Thundershirt Company

Founded in 2009 in Durham, N.C., Thundershirt Company’s mission is to bring relief to the millions of dogs and dog owners struggling to cope with dog anxieties. In just its first year, Thundershirt Company has helped tens of thousands of dogs across the country and around the world. The company also donates Thundershirts and thousands of dollars to rescue groups and shelters to help these organizations manage their dogs’ anxieties and find permanent homes. Thundershirts are sold online at and by retail stores, veterinarians, trainers and kennels across the country.

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Q&A: Want to weigh in on the dog park chatter?

Question by Inga: Want to weigh in on the dog park chatter?
I saved up some things I’ve heard and overheard at the dog park this week and thought I would share. Hopefully you get a laugh or a chance to poke fun, or maybe some of it will make you think. (lol doubt it.)

1. The Min Pin came first? Before the actualy sized Doberman (Ok I haven’t had a chance to google this yet.)
2. “Minnie, don’t lick your privates, it’s not lady-like.”
3. “Get your dog away from my dog. He’s vicious.” (It was a Pit Bull. It was a female. It was nowhere near anybody’s dog. The owner called her name, the dog sat down and looked at owner, owner said “come.” dog came.) I know we’re all sick of the Pit Bull debate, but I can’t leave it out. I kind of want to start a Dog court room drama type reality show. Is anyone up for developing it with me? (But this would just sensationalize pit bull paranoia even more.)
4. “I can’t pick up my dog’s poop because I don’t want to pollute the environment any more buy throwing away so many plastic bags” (Me – “That’s why there’s a poop shovel next to all the garbage cans.”)
5. Bully breed paranoia is akin to racism. (They weren’t comparing dogs to people, but arguing that the mentality is similar.)
6. Is it Vishla or Vissla?

DOH I had another one but I forgot it.
Yes. I hate that aspect of the dog park too. I go twice a week. Down from every day because I’m finding more and more things my dog likes to do and don’t have to rely on the dog park that much anymore.
sorry to be unclear. I’m asking for pronunciation.
@ Dominus – YEP! Ugh those people. It’s usually because it’s their first visit at the DP. They usually calm down after a while. 🙂
@ Oregano – AH! Thanks. Had a little Hungarian lesson when I studied Austrian lit and was told the SZ was a SS sound unlike in Polish where it’s a Sh sound. but the s in vision works for me. Thanks.
@ DeeDawg. Hmm. Hadn’t thought of it that way.
I don’t give TDs yo. They must still be on the rampage from yesterday. lol

Best answer:

Answer by rescue member
Interesting, but I’d like to add another one.

7. Dog parks are somewhere my dogs will never be, all sorts of contageous canine diseases and parasites there as there is no way to know if all dogs are utd on vaccinations and parasite free.

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Cool “lucky Dog” images

Check out these lucky dog images:

Exterior Casino Design | Casino Entry Signage | Casino Exterior Upgrade | Exterior Casino Signage | Casino Design | Lucky Dog Casino

Image by I-5 Design & Manufacture
This is the Lucky Dog Casino, where I-5 Design and Manufacture created an exterior design package which immediately upgraded the look of the casino. For the porte cochere, I-5 refaced the existing signage including the ‘Lucky Dog Casino’ sign, the entrance sign, and the door graphics. Click here to see more casino upgrades

Question by Victoria: “THE BLUE BUFFALO CO.” v.s. “SCIENCE DIET”, which dog food is better for your dogs?

Best answer:

Answer by Dogs and Death Metal -f*ck BSL
Ive heard many good things about Blue buffalo
where as, ive only heard sh*t about science diet

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