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“America’s Best Dog Trick” Contest Celebrates Positive Dog Training

Best Dog Trick Contest

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 20, 2009

The Zoom Room Dog Agility Training Center and exclusive sponsor West Paw Design announce the “America’s Best Dog Trick” Contest – the first nationwide dog trick contest to celebrate positive-reinforcement dog training methods. Dog owners are invited to submit their videos before the January 15 deadline. The winner will receive $ 1,000 plus a collection of Zogoflex toys.

Positive dog training methods include positive praise, clicker training and the use of treats. Positive-reinforcement dog training is now widely-regarded as the most effective and scientifically-researched training method. Contest entrants must affirm that they used only positive training to craft their dog tricks, and that no coercive, punitive, restraint, or other forms of dominance training were used in shaping the trick.

Open to any American resident, dog owners will submit a short video of their best dog trick via the Zoom Room Fan Page on Facebook. Initially, anyone may vote for the Best Dog Trick. The top five dog tricks will then face a panel of judges from the Zoom Room and West Paw to determine the winner.

The first place winner will receive $ 1,000 plus a collection of Zogoflex toys, including a Hurley, a Huck, a Bumi, a Zisc and a Tux. Second place will receive $ 250 plus the collection of Zogoflex toys from West Paw. The other three finalists will each receive Honorable Mention, as well as a Bumi, a Hurley and a Zisc.

Only freshly-recorded dog trick videos are eligible; in other words, nothing rehashed from YouTube or elsewhere. In order to demonstrate that the video is fresh, all entrants are required to begin the video by addressing the camera and saying something to the effect of, “Hello, Zoom Room, my name is _______, this is my dog _________, and we made this trick using only positive training.”

The contest begins on November 20, 2009. The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2010. Voting for favorite dog tricks will close on January 31, 2010. The winners will be announced on February 8, 2010.

Details can be found on the America’s Best Dog Trick page of the Zoom Room web site.

About the Zoom Room

The Zoom Room Dog Agility Training Center & Canine Social Club is an eco-friendly, active lifestyle dog training center that practices only positive-reinforcement dog training methods. The Zoom Room is the only brick-and-mortar dog training franchise in America and the first dog agility franchise in the world.

In addition to dog agility, the Zoom Room offers obedience, puppy preschool, dog tricks training, therapy dog classes, and much more. As a Canine Social Club, the Zoom Room is the perfect place to host an unforgettable dog birthday party, Bark Mitzvah, Doggy Disco Night, or a charity fund-raiser. The Zoom Room carries only the finest and most Earth-friendly stuff for dogs, including many of West Paw’s great products.

About West Paw Design

West Paw Design believes in providing the best for pets while balancing what is right for the environment. They search high and low for the best, most sustainable material there is to offer and use recyclable and organic material in their bedding and toys.

Their commitment to the environment has guided them to continually strive to reduce the already minimized waste in the manufacturing process, and to offer more environmentally-friendly organic and sustainable products. Using recyclable material in the Zogoflex® line of dog toys permits the incorporation of old products back into new ones, without sacrificing any quality. Discover their unique, world-class pet products at


Top tips for natural dog flea treatment

Top tips for natural dog flea treatment

Although the dogs are fleas, especially in the spring and summer, everywhere, they can be very challenging when it comes to the type of dog flea treatment for the realization of the right. Compared with other diseases, these different types of tapeworm-related pests, and dermatitis, just to name a few. When this happens, remove fleas would be difficult to manage.

We dog owners is in the negative, and sometimes when it came to accept the fact that our pet flea breeding. This is very true, when we do not look at small, often able to escape the naked eye, until there are no pest damage and disease is not enough. This is a good thing to use after flea comb to take a bath, so you can get rid of the body and hair in many fleas as possible preventive measures. The existence of the pest site, only comb with a clean paper towel, if you see dark brown spots, confirm your suspicions. The red dot is the blood in your dog’s feeding fleas.

Know the flea life cycle is an important step in control. Each flea was laying about 25 to 50 days, their ability to vary from 7 days incubation period for the incubation period of 2 years from the interests of the larvae, pupae all adults. So, you literally can expect a week in a complete septic shock. The key is to stop the therapy dog flea life cycle at this stage is effective.

On-site treatment for your dog is not necessarily the only dog of fleas with treatment. Look around your home, your dog’s monitoring activities, to know his or her favorite trouble, what kind of company do, let him or her. For example, if you have to play like stray dogs have never been to 1 yard and your dog, you may consider setting up fence, clean up the yard of the worm. If you have a favorite rug or sofa, your dog likes to lie down comfortably, thorough cleansing and solar hot water and detergent before them.

Detailed home a powerful and efficient vacuum cleaner air and water Steam Mop recommended daily. In fact, you need to remove all the furniture and interior decoration may be exposed to your dog. Cleaning also includes bedroom, basement, attic, patio, deck, or even all of the furniture. And remember a link, most people tend to forget that, you need to clean your car too much, to ride if you have a pet. For a relocation plan and your fleas may just fail miserably.

Always remember that you have never done cleaning, because as long as you stay at home pets, you should clean and wash, to give them a good environment, using dogs to remove the right treatment and get a good dog to remove fleas fleas fleas.

Tony is a veterinarian for both dog and cat, for further information please visit dog flea treatment blog.

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Put Your Faith In Dog Pet ID Tag for Dogs and Cats

Put Your Faith In Dog Pet ID Tag for Dogs and Cats

  • Lifetime Warranty. We guarantee the tag text will never become unreadable. If, for some crazy reason, it does we’ll replace it for free. (We’ve never seen that happen). Our tags have been tested in extreme conditions.
  • Our tags can be used in a variety of ways. A great way to add style and safety to any kind of pet!
  • Use them as fun key rings, fashion accessories, or as a way to ID luggage and school backpacks.
  • Please limit custom text to 4 lines, each with a maximum of 25 characters. Get Creative!
  • PLEASE INCLUDE customized info for the back of your pet tag in the “Gift Message” field.

When everyone else has failed you, Put Your Faith in DOG.

Our tags are 1 1/4 inches (3.18 cm) in diameter. They are made of airplane grade aluminum and coated with a special polymer that fuses the graphics permanently to the pet tag. Fully customizable with pet name, phone number, and other vital pet information. Each of our designs is custom created and “crowdsourced” by Dog Tag Art Designers from all over the world. They are made in the USA. Each time the tag sells we pay a royalty t

Price: $ 11.99

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Install/upgrade to a larger dog door

Install/upgrade to a larger dog door – Andy Bell shows us how to install a new dog door and discusses the new options for various types of dog doors – in wood, in glass, replacements and parts. Using a new door from Hale Pet Doors, he upgrades a broken door to a larger, cleaner version using a jig saw to increase the size of the hole. This new door has two panels so that the warm (or cooled) air inside the house doesn’t leak out. The holes in the phalange are pre-drilled and the company provides the necessary drill bit, so installation is simple.
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Dog Nutritional – The Complete Dog Food & Nutrition Guide

Dog Nutritional – The Complete Dog Food & Nutrition Guide

A poor diet can have as severe consequences to your pet as it does for you. If you feed your dog the equivalent of a steady diet of fast foods it will suffer the same way we would if that’s all we ate. Even if you buy packaged or canned dog food it doesn’t necessarily mean the animal is getting the proper measure of good nutrition in the right proportions for the dog at each stage of it’s life. Some advertisers promote products with misleading advertisement designed to attract buyers. Few people know what a balanced and nutritional diet for their pet should be.

It can be confusing, how can we be sure. Its hard enough to figure out how we should be eating properly with endless claims about what keeps our arteries clear, and what keeps us at an acceptable weight, and what gives us energy, and what gives us proper immune characteristics. You are what you eat, same for Fido, but what should he eat? How can you cut thought the hype and find out the facts for you dog. No one wants to have a sick or short lived canine any more than they want that for themselves or any other member of their family. We need to educate ourselves with as many facts as possible and sort through the information to come up with a plan that will work to keep our pet healthy and vibrant. After all, the family dog can’t shop for himself, and is therefore at the mercy of how diligent you are at providing the proper diet for them.

Talk to the experts. Start with your veterinarian and read articles on the subject. Do a search on the Internet to begin collecting information that will educate you and lead you to providing your dog with the diet it needs to stay vibrant and healthy. Be cautious of product advertisements that just want to sell you something and be aware that like everything else in this world you get what you pay for. Cheap diet probably means dog food deficient in essential nutrients or ever worse food that actually has harmful ingredients that will hurt your dog and lead to an early demise. We have all read about the recalls on dog food products recently and know that we have to pay attention to what we buy and what we give our dog to eat.

Find out what is recommend for your particular breed, at its current age. Find our what a balanced diet for your particular dog should be, and compare the food your buying to that recommendation. Understand the major do’s and do not’s for any dog and particularly for the dog you have. Understand why it’s not good to feed your dog table scraps and why it’s important to match your dog to a diet what’s suitable for him specifically. Understand why you should vary your dogs diet and how to do it properly to maximize the benefits to keep your pet healthy and vibrant. It’s not that hard to keep away from the pitfalls and improve your dog’s nutritional health, which in turn will make both you and your pet much happier today and in the future.

James Nagy is an online product reviewer. Learn more about dog nutritional needs by visiting

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Dog Nutrition – What’s in your dog’s food? Learn why it’s important to read the lable of your dog’s food. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at:
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