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Question by Luke808666: Do any Screamo Deathcore kiddies listen to “At The Gates”?
The band that every man and his dog wants to steal a riff from.

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Answer by emo:(
no i have never heard of that band i’ll check it out

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Some Dog Health Problems are Easy to Resolve

Some Dog Health Problems are Easy to Resolve

Puppies are generally a delight to have around. As long as you can cope with the chewing up of garments and expensive items, the huge energy and the occasional soiling as they become potty trained.

But that’s a small price to pay for the enthusiasm for life they have, for the fun that infectiously oozes from them.

You love him. He loves you. All is well with the world.

Until he falls sick.

Then your world crashes.

The first thing that springs to mind is what caused it? Was it something you did or didn’t do? Is it your fault? Were you too vigilant or not vigilant enough? Did you overprotect him or did you let him roam free too much?

Well, chances are that it was your fault.

But only by virtue of the fact you were doing as you were told, probably because you thought someone else knew better than you. Perhaps if you had listened to that little inner voice you sometimes hear, but mostly ignore, which told you different, things may not be this bad.

It’s never too late to learn.

And animals have an amazing way of ensuring you do indeed learn, mostly from your mistakes.

So now your puppy has grown up and has a few dog health problems.

The first possible cause to consider it what he is doing every day.


What are you feeding him?

Commercial dog food, as most holistic veterinarians have found, is the route cause of many, if not most, dog health problems.

Depending on the country, brand and era or manufacture, most commercial dog food looks something like this:

low grade meat by-products, often from a rendering plant cheap, health lacking filler such as paper, sawdust, sugar, nut shells, melamine indigestible isolated and synthetic nutrients toxic preservatives not permitted in human food

Sounds pretty unhealthy doesn’t it? Even one of those ingredients may be contributing to your dog health problem, but what if he was eating all four?

Although there are as many causes for dog health problems as there are dogs, by far the most common is the food you are feeding him.

By virtue of its daily consumption, healthy dog food, similar to the food his wild cousins eat, will go a long way to making his immune system strong, strong enough to fend off most dog health problems for years.

If you’re worried about the expense, don’t be. Feeding real food to your dog is as cheap as feeding commercial dog food. It may take a little more time, especially in the early stages as you are finding your feet, but just consider the fortune you save on veterinarian bills! They don’t come cheap by any means.

Written by Madeleine Innocent.
Do you want to learn more about natural health, in particular homeopathy? Check out my free ebook ‘Better Health for Dogs’, by clicking on the website link below.
Naturally Healthy Dogs

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More Dog Health Problem Articles Pampers Pooches at Bring Your Dog to Work Day Pampers Pooches at Bring Your Dog to Work Day

A few employees and their pets gather during Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Garden Grove, CA (Vocus) June 28, 2010

Friday, June 25 saw many wagging tails and wet noses in the workplace, as dog owners brought their pups to the office for Bring Your Dog to Work Day., online retailer of pet accessories, participated in the event, encouraging employees to experience the benefits of spending the workday surrounded by pets.

“Most pet owners would agree that their dogs help them feel more creative in the office and they are more productive in that environment,” said Mike Giove, chief operating officer for “A few studies show that working with your pet decreases absenteeism and helps improve relationships between employees and managers.”

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) 46 million individuals who bring their pets to the workplace state that as a reason to work longer hours.

To make the event special, provided dog supplies and treats, along with organizing activities for both the dogs and owners.

“We had a musical chairs activity for the owners and dogs, and the find-the-treat contest was a big hit,” Giove said. “It was a great way to bond with all of the people here, and everyone had a good time. Many of the dogs that participated could do tricks, while others were happy just to be with their owners while sitting and eating.” gave out dog pet supplies prizes for the winners, including rawhide Red Barn bones and Greenies. Each participating dog received a toy bag with toys from JW Pet and Kong.

“Bring Your Dog to Work Day was a big success,” Giove said. “As an online retailer of pet supplies, all the employees here are animal lovers, so this was like our own holiday.”

About prides itself on great prices, wide selection, speed of delivery and superior service. Ninety-seven percent of orders are shipped the same day. The company was designed with the intention of providing not only the best products at the most competitive prices, but to become the number one provider of pet products, education and information. has one of the most active online communities of pet owners on the Internet today. Inside the pet forum, there are a broad range of subjects discussed with new topics being added every day.


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Nice “top Dog” photos

Some cool top dog images:

Top Dog in Berlin

Image by waɪ.tiː
If you are the "top dog" you are the leader of a group.

Of course in this photo you can see the top dog is actually a dog.

Q&A: Question about dog food?

Question by khrissy: Question about dog food?
My dog food clearly says on the label that it is free of animal by-products, artificial colors and presertives. Is there any way to tell if this is true. When me and my husband shop for our dogs food thats the first place we look, the ingredients. Alot of them will say chicken by product on the ingredient list, while on the front of the bag in big letters it says “Chicken is our number 1 ingredient!” How do we know what is really in our pets food??

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Answer by Hunter P
you may want to ask a vet about your question, i thought the same thing once

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