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Protecting Your Pets In The Home

by eehgow

Protecting Your Pets In The Home

Like children pets need to be protected from certain elements in your home.  Pets can get into mischief and break some of your finest china, chew or scratch your furniture and get into your household cleaning products.

If you don’t always have the time to supervise your dog, a dog barrier in your home can be a very handy and practical product.  The advantages of a dog barrier or gate, are your pet is not restricted to staying in his or her crate.  If you have a small puppy, a pet gate is a great way to keep them confined to one area, during their housetraining. When a dog is alone and isolated in his or her cage, it can develop unwanted behaviors such as barking, biting and become aggressive.  Pet barriers allow your dog the freedom to move around in your home when you are out.

Pet barriers and indoor gates have many uses, and offer great safety and security for your pet.  They come in many different styles, some are permanent and others are portable, so you can easily transport them with you.  You can choose styles from a metal gate, a wooden gate, wood coated wire mesh gate, wood expansion gate, wood plastic mesh or wooden slat gates. They all come with secure locks, easy to assemble and some expand to different sizes.  You can also get taller sizes for the bigger dog.  For the traveler in you, you can also purchase a vehicle barrier that fits most size cars, SUV, and vans. They are very useful in that they minimize distractions for you by confining your pet to the cargo area.

Your pet is a member of your family, and like your children you need to love and protect them, and keep them safe.  A dog barrier or an indoor dog gate will do just that.


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Q&A: For those of you with children….?

Question by KS: For those of you with children….?
Did you wait until your baby was delivered before you realized you might want to know just a little bit about taking care of an infant? Or did you actually start doing some research and asking questions while you were pregnant?

Why on Earth would anyone wait until the dog has delivered puppies to start asking questions? I would think a couple of months during the pregnancy would be more than enough time to do some research….

*I know nothing about breeding…which is why my dogs are fixed. I ran a search just to see what kind of info came up. I got 15,800,000 hits for “dog pregnancy.”

Best answer:

Answer by Jennifer T
You are spot on, but sadly, not everyone is as on the ball.

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Sponsoring Puppies To Become Guide Dogs

Sponsoring Puppies To Become Guide Dogs

Are you looking to make a difference to someone’s life but dont know how? If so then you could do a lot worse than sponsoring puppies to be guide dogs during the long process of training. Guide
puppy training is very expensive, and it takes new puppies around 24 months to learn everything they need to, so they really need your help. Youll be doing a fantastic service if you decide to sponsor one, as there are currently almost 10,000 blind people in need of helper dogs.

Anyone can sponsor a guide dog by providing their personal details and spending 5 pounds a month by direct debit, or as much as they can afford to give. All of your money will go to be spent on training the puppy you choose, so you can be sure its money well spent. Your puppy sponsorship will be a truly worthwhile experience, as you’ll be able to receive regular ‘pupdates on the progress he/she is making with training, as well as photos every few months so you can see how your puppy grows!. Another advantage of joining the puppy sponsorship scheme is that you’ll receive a special gift pack for your puppy that includes a puppy photo card, a photo album, a certificate, a calendar and a window sticker so you can show the world what you are doing.

Although you might want to visit your puppy and see it for yourself, this won’t be possible as there simply isn’t enough time to waste during its training period. Dont despair though, as the regular updates on your puppy’s progress will keep you informed. The training period and your sponsorship will continue for 2 years, and by the time that it is over, no doubt youll be very attached to your puppy, which is why well inform you about the new home your puppy is going to be sent to and the person he/she will help. By doing such a wonderful service, you will be giving a blind person independence and freedom, something to feel really good about. An arm of the Guide Dogs for Blind People Association, Sponsor a Puppy is a non-profit making organization. It has raised money for the provision of training guide dogs for the blind for many years, and it continues to be in need of your help. Make a huge difference to someones life in the most enjoyable way possible, sponsoring guide dogs brings with it a unique pleasure and enjoyment that you wont find anywhere else.

For more information, please visit our website Sponsor A Guide Dog. .

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